The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is hosting their conference in Seattle as I write this. If you’re one of the urbanists pouring into our fair city this week, you may be interested in the article we wrote for Rail~volution in 2013, which focuses on attractions in Seattle of interest to urbanists and transit geeks.


7 Replies to “Welcome to Seattle, NACTO!”

  1. Welcome to Seattle, NACTO! Skagitonians like I can only dream… dream of chrome trains… a Steve Raible of transit blogging in Martin H. Duke… Livestream Board meetings… enthusiastic fans just so happy for MORE Sound Transit… a championship team that’s going to require TWO trophy cases in Sound Transit headquarters! I can’t wait for the championship parade when ST3 wins!

    Where’s my Sound Transit Pro Shop? GO SOUND TRANSIT!

    1. Do Sound Transit and King County Metro have any staff to serve as guides for visitors like these? I’d be glad to help. But really think somebody official should be handling this one. If our system does not have anything in place- they should.

      This also seems to be Social Media would be good for. By the fact that most of the delegates are well under seventy, they all have so much familiarity with this information mode that only problem will be if they walk into the side of a train while they’re texting.

      However Pokemon Go works, since we’re getting more fatal accident reports on this from Twitter than terrorist explanations of what they’re about to do, might be good to get with the perpetrators, I mean game creators, and see if they can always make their creatures lead, or chase, people at least behind the yellow line.

      Or also add it to the voice messages. “The Pokemon….just got run over by a train. The Pokemon…will be ok in fifteen seconds. We apologize that Wi-Fi still works down here.”


      1. Mark;

        Great stuff but as I went through the NACTO brochure there are a lot of guided tours as-is.

        No (intelligent) comments on Pokemon Go except a regular STB reader who is also a Mayor uses that app.

      2. I always thought that Niantic should use the GPS data from transit agencies to put Pokemon on trains and buses. So the place you need to be to catch it moves with the bus, and you must be going the same speed to catch it.

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