Martin was a guest on a recent episode of the Seattle Growth Podcast, which covered transportation.  Martin starts at the 30 minute mark, but the interview with SDOT director Scott Kubly is interesting as well. You can listen right here:

I’ve been enjoying the series from the first episode.  If you’re interested in diving deeper, I’d strongly recommend the interview with Councilmembers Mike O’Brien on backyard cottages and Kshama Sawant on renting.  I’ve given backyard cottages short shrift in the past but O’Brien makes a really passionate case for them.  Sawant’s gives one of the best definitions of what a successful, equitable transit network ought to look like.

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  1. Any mention of implications of final removal of buses from the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel? Also: Do we have any idea when the last of them will have to leave?

    Mark Dublin

  2. Come on, everybody. What did either the City of Seattle or Martin ever do to you?

    You’ve left them trapped all alone with the world’s most unstable source of weirdly connected references that probably go through a space-time warp. So just one question:

    Compared with other cities, what is ration between the money our transit needs, and what Seattle can, whatever voters will approve, legitimately afford?

    Which was also asked in both Turkey and the remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after the First World War, but I promised…


  3. Too bad O’Brien killed microhousing, which is a much nor realistic solution to affordable housing. Backyard cottages won’t make a dent, and are only going to serve the demographic that doesn’t really need it. So much handwringing about homelessness, but very little real effort to create homes.

  4. I’m glad the port commissioner is more open to tolling cars at the airport. As Link builds out, less and less need for people to drive directly to the airport. It’s needed purely as a congestion management tool.

    Super intriguing that he views a 2nd major airport as a long term necessity, I hadn’t heard that before from a person actually in power. I’m sure Joe is super excited to use that tidbit to defend the Paine Field alignment ?

  5. I love the mentality that there is no room for more people and we cant have density in the region as if people come surgically attached at birth to automobiles and human life could not exist on planet earth without cars. Like here in this episode the claim that if we have density then emergency vehicles wont be able to get to their destination… if that really does come to happen that emergency vehicles cant get to their destination, that’s not a problem at all with density, that’s a problem entirely with too many cars carrying too few people clogging up the streets and therefore a need for a car ban.

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