The STB Editorial Board is starting work on its General Election Endorsements. If there are any non-obvious races where a particular candidate stands out on transit or land use, please let us know in the comments. Links to your claims about the candidate are very much appreciated.

8 Replies to “Call for Endorsements”

  1. A few thoughts:

    1) I don’t think Freeway Governor Inslee or NoST3 Bryant deserve an endorsement. I mean one guy let the highway lobby get their ga$ tax increase without voter approval and the other guy has said he wants BRT and not ST3. That said, I’m voting for Bryant & bold, new leadership versus massive Inslee immature failures in non-transit issues.

    2) Please don’t endorse Donald J Trump. Please.

    As to these last two, you guys do what you think is right, I’m just placing the facts before you. Trust you guys.

    3) I know four (4) years ago, endorsing Barbara Bailey for State Senate, District 10 caused a whole new order of problems & consternation in the Puget Sound transit community. Frankly that endorsement took on “a life of its own” as political staffers in the US & Canada say – but after the incumbent State Senator appropriated her district the most underperforming Amtrak Cascades stop, something had to be said & done. Let me add Senator Bailey however has been there for transit and made sure Island Transit got the grants to keep its vital county connector routes going. Plus made clear to Island Transit leadership the need to be accountable and clean house.

    4) Rep. Dave Hayes in the 10th Legislative District forced Island Transit to charge a fare for the first time when handing out the Everett Connector grant. Problem is, the grant didn’t fund all the costs of setting up fare collection.

    His opponent, quite frankly, is somebody who I want back on ze Skagit Transit Citizens Advisory Committee – not tilting the state legislature to the far left on non-transit issues. Thanks.

  2. Oh and I realize this is out of traditional STB range, but Jill Johnson’s passion & commitment to fixing Island Transit deserve her reelection to the Island County Commissioners. My friend Jill shares my passion for electing transit boards as the biggest donation of time Jill gives is towards Island Transit. Not saving OLF Coupeville, not bloviating, not raising her niece but Island Transit.

    I will tell Jill she needs to add to ASAP a quick page about transit.

  3. I’d suggest endorsing Hilary Franz for Commissioner of Public Lands. As Executive Director of Futurewise, she was a strong defender of the Growth Management Act and creating livable, sustainable urban environments. When it comes to preventing urban sprawl while managing state lands, her platform includes: “Utilize state lands in and near growing communities to grow local economies, safeguard habitat, support recreation, and maintain growth boundaries for future generations.”

  4. Brady Walkinshaw’s campaign’s website is the only one in the WA-7 Congressional District race to clearly include more ST3 funding. Endorse him for that and that alone:

    “We must build a reliable and rapid public transit system by investing in:

    -Light Rail: We need a champion in Congress to develop federal partnerships and fund the light rail project under Sound Transit.”

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