Local results won’t come in for another hour, but this is your open thread to discuss local results as they arrive.

If you still haven’t voted, you have until 8 pm to deposit your completed ballot at a ballot drop box, or to get in line at a walk-in voting site, such as Union Station.

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  1. I think Hillary will squeak a win. Barely.

    I think Bill Bryant could just barely win. With a ST3 win, Bryant is going to be in a tough position between his megafan Todd E Herman and the mayors & city councils & business groups backing ST3. We need to plan on keeping it that way.

  2. Snohomish Co report – 8:20pm

    Sound Transit Proposition No. 1 – Light Rail, Commuter Rail and Bus Service Expansion
    435/435 100.00%
    Under Votes 7683
    Over Votes 0

    Vote Count Percent
    APPROVED 55,544 51.58%
    REJECTED 52,133 48.42%
    Total 107,677 100.00%

    1. I think you now see why light rail to Paine Field was so vital…. I know many here in the STB commentariat including I doubted it as a good idea, but in the end a slim majority was persuaded to back the Lynnwood to Paine Field to Everett spine. ;-)

    2. I really think a big THANK YOU is also due the Snohomish County Economic Alliance and some of the Paine Field booster groups for this Snohomish County win. If ST3 wins, it’ll be because we in the North by Northwest held the line against the [ah], we were the sweetest towards Karen, we commented the most and we just flat out had air superiority up here.

      Meanwhile, Pierce County. WTF? You can wait for your projects.

      1. We are waiting for our projects. The spine barely makes it into Pierce (just 3 stations), and we don’t know yet what we’re getting on Sounder.

      2. You will have to wait a bit longer. Sorry man, sucks to be you/Pierce but…. ;-).

        Maybe in the future, you people down there will learn to actually do your expletive jobs and advocate FOR transit. I mean, I hate bullies but I gotta bring this up.

        Guess what, with the poll results as they are… if I were on the Pierce Transit Board, I’d forget about another ballot measure for some time. ST3 was a defeat for Pierce Transit advocates who had ONE JOB and didn’t get it done.

        The worst part of it is I saw the need for more transit for Tacoma and to more Tacoma places like the Tacoma Narrows park after going to Tacoma for the JBLM airshow last August…. so I’m not anti-Tacoma or anti-Pierce, just stating the hurtful truth.

      3. We are waiting for our projects. The spine barely makes it into Pierce (just 3 stations),

        Sub-area equity. You get what you pay for.

        There isn’t that much in the Pierce sub-area to pay for stuff relative to others.

      1. Just means Pierce County should be put to the last of the list. I mean, that’s what some commentators wanted in the past few weeks thinking oh Snohomish County won’t support Paine Field to Everett Station.

        Let me be clear: If the Snohomish County Economic Alliance and I and other Paine Field advocates didn’t have a commitment to ST3, we’d have a double-whammy of Drumpf AND NoST3.

      2. That’s a terrible idea and would create a lot of transit opponents.

        Pierce County needs a lot more attention and care from regional transit advocates, now that they’re rebuilding from the huge Recession cuts and pullback of service.

        Most of the Pierce subarea includes suburban/exurban/even rural areas that don’t have PT service but were eligible to vote for/against ST3. When the precinct-level data comes out, it’ll show up well.

      3. Thanks Bruce, I didn’t know that, “Most of the Pierce subarea includes suburban/exurban/even rural areas that don’t have PT service but were eligible to vote for/against ST3.” Good gawd, how did this happen? What a crippling defeat for Pierce….

      4. Remember that Pierce Transit contracted its service area a few years ago, after a proposition to preserve service failed in the exurban areas. The Sound Transit area didn’t contract; it still includes those places.

        (Which actually does make some sense – most of their transit trips are commute-focused around Sounder.)

    1. Chicago has a couple of L lines in freeway medians. It’s not great but it can be made functional.

      Or, it can be made completely dysfunctional.

      For the next 25 years this blog’s job (writers AND commenters) is going to be to ride herd on station design documents.

    2. Bruce, this alignment was KEY to tonight’s win. The North by Northwest showed up to take names and kick a** and get Karen the football back. We did it.

      It’s time for you guys to support ST3. Before Putin and Trump trade nukes…

    1. Same here. None of this is what I expected to happen… I was pessimistic about ST3 but quite optimistic about the presidential race.

  3. One good thing about the long timetable of ST3 – with Republicans in control, the chance of getting any Federal money is effectively zero. With Democrats in control, the odds are not great, but at least greater than zero. Republicans may be in total control for at least the next two years, but there’s a lot of time between now and 2035 for Congress and/or the presidency to flip. So, maybe, just maybe, we’ll end up getting some federal $ after all.

    1. Secretary of Transportation Christie? I’m pretty sure whoever Trump appoints as Secretary of Transportation is not going to view transit favorably. Thank god Obama/Fox snuck a final round of Fastlane grants before leaving office.

      1. Remember, Trump’s made some very positive statements about transit. Let’s not take it for granted… but we just might be pleasantly surprised.

      2. The areas of the country that need transit the most are precisely the areas that Trump was accusing of trying to “steal” the election from him.

        It should also be mentioned that the only known occurrence of Donald Trump ever riding any form of “transit” was groping women on airplanes.

    2. The Republicans will crash the economy (well actually it looks like they already have tonight) and then there wont be enough tax money coming in.

    3. The $700 million for U-Link was approved during Bush’s presidency with a Republican Congress.

      Trump has said he wants to spend on infrastructure.

  4. Where can we see updated results without having to go to multiple different websites and adding up different numbers ourselves?

    1. So Spokane did follow the national trend. Somebody that the rally yesterday said that transit measures are winning all across the country except San Diego, but he didn’t know about Spokane.

  5. Looks like the Kitsap ferry measure passed.

    Actually, nationwide, nearly all transit measures passed.

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