So you lost your ballot or left it at home and don’t have time to grab it. You can still vote in person at Union Station, or several other sites, as long as you are registered and in line by 8 pm.

If you still have questions about how you can cast a ballot, the King County Elections Department has a hotline at 206-296-VOTE.

The Pierce County Elections Department can be reached at 253-798-7430.

The Snohomish County Elections Department can be reached at 425-388-3444.

Thank you to everyone who has voted! If you haven’t voted, all the ballot drop boxes are open until 8 pm, with no postage requirement. Follow the directions on your ballot envelope. Sign, date, and put contact info on your outer return envelope.

Putting your ballot in US mail is probably no longer a good idea for this election. I talked to a co-worker last night who mailed his ballot on election day in a previous election, and it didn’t get postmarked in time.

Check out our election night open thread this evening for coverage of results.

11 Replies to “206-296-VOTE by 8 PM”

  1. Until the end of service today, Tuesday, November 8, the bus stop at 4th Ave and James St is closed. Regular services at this stop will resume Wednesday morning.
    Customers catching northbound ST Express routes 522 or 545 should use the temporary stop on 4th Ave just north of Cherry St.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

    I wonder, is there any particular reason the stop next to the King County Administration building – with in-person voting booths as well as a ballot drop box – is closed on the afternoon of Election Day?

      1. And so transit users can’t drop off their ballots quite so easily, in other words?

        (Yes, you’re probably right. And they probably made the right tradeoff, too, considering that people who aren’t taking the Fourth Avenue commuter expresses to far-flung areas of the county would’ve needed to walk at least as far anyway.)

      2. … and by “commuter expresses” I did mean to include the all-day backbone expresses 545 and 522 as well…

      3. There’s a bus stop just a block away, and riders are used to walking a block to a stop. Conversely, parking in a garage is overkill for dropping off a ballot, and it’s a civic duty we want people to perform.

        But I don’t know why the bus stop was closed, I’m just guessing.

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