Lakewood Station groundbreaking

Lakewood Station finally gets a reverse-peak commuter trip from Seattle … on Black Friday only.
Photo from Sound Transit on flickr

Many transit agencies close down for Thanksgiving, and a few reduce service the day after.

Sound Transit is continuing its tradition of providing at least some Sounder service the day after, with two morning runs from and one morning run to Lakewood, a morning run from Everett, and the reverse in the evening. That unusual reverse-peak trip to Lakewood results in the second morning run from Lakewood arriving after Macy’s Holiday Parade is over. Those who want to take the occasion to ride all the way from Everett to Lakewood are scheduled to miss the connection by 4 minutes in the morning and 23 minutes in the evening. Sorry.

UW routes are running their full schedule through Wednesday, as the University of Washington is in session.

Agency/Service Thanksgiving Day After Saturday Sunday
Bikeshare (Seattle) any time any time any time any time
Clallam Transit No Service Weekday Saturday No Service
Community Transit Sunday Weekday Local
402, 413, 421, 855 Only
Saturday Sunday
Everett Transit Sunday Sunday Saturday Sunday
Grays Harbor Transit No Service Friday Saturday No Service
Island Transit No Service Weekday No Service No Service
Intercity Transit No Service Weekday Saturday Sunday
Jefferson Transit No Service Weekday Saturday No Service
King County Metro Sunday Reduced Weekday/UW Saturday Sunday
King County Water Taxis No Service No Service Saturday Sunday
Kitsap Transit No Service Weekday Saturday No Service
Mason Transit No Service Saturday Saturday No Service
Monorail No Service 7:30 am-11 pm 8:30 am-11 pm 8:30 am-11 pm
Pierce Transit Sunday Weekday Saturday Sunday
Seattle Streetcars First Hill Sunday
Friday Saturday Sunday
Skagit Transit No Service Friday Saturday Sunday
Sound Transit Sunday
(no Sounder)
Weekday (ST Express)
Saturday (Link Light Rail)
Weekday (Tacoma Link)
Sounder Limited Runs
Saturday Sunday
Twin Transit No Service Weekday Saturday Sunday
UW Night Ride No Service No Service No Service No Service
Washington State Ferries Check Route Friday Saturday Sunday
Whatcom Transit No Service Weekday Saturday Sunday

13 Replies to “Thanksgiving Closures / Friday Sounder Service”

  1. It seems kind of silly to put bikeshare on the list since it’s not at all directly affected by different days.

    1. I think that’s the point?

      If Brent was was feeling snarky, he could put “walking” and “driving” up there too.

    2. For measure, how about the SeaTac train to the N/S gates? It’s the only public transportation not included in the list.

      1. Those trains are no more public than the airlines on which you have to buy tickets in order to be allowed onto those trains.

  2. I always look forward to the day after Thanksgiving, if only to take Sounder to Lakewood AND back. And this year the schedule is an hour earlier, which allows for more daylight viewing.

  3. Seattle Streetcar, Washington State Ferries and a few others are listed at having Friday service on Friday. Put other transit agencies show it as Weekday service. Was the difference in nomenclature intentional? Is there special “Black Friday Service” on some transit agencies, or is it regular weekday service?

    1. In the case of the ferries, IIRC some routes on Friday nights have extra late night runs that they don’t have Monday through Thursday.

    2. I think there is method to it.

      WSF has unique schedules on most of their runs for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They use the Saturday schedule for holidays on some routes.

      The streetcar has different operating hours on Friday compared to other weekdays.

    3. It has to do with later night traffic on Fridays. It’s basically just a weekday, but with a few extra runs later.

      Some agencies don’t have that particular consideration for the special late night start of weekend crowd.

    4. While most Skagit Transit routes run Monday-Friday, Monday-Saturday, or seven days a week, a couple (185 and 195) only run Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Some have extra weekend runs.

      Grays Harbor route 57 only runs Tuesday and Thursday. Route 90 only runs Monday and Friday.

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