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Limping into the playoffs but happy to be playing at home, the Seahawks play the Detroit Lions on Saturday at 5:15pm at CenturyLink field. Sound Transit announced last night that Sounder will serve the games with a typical service of 2 trains from Lakewood, 2 from Everett, and 1 from Sumner.

The first South Line train will run local service from Lakewood-Puyallup and then express to King Street, the second train will originate in Sumner making all stops, and the 3rd train will operate all stops from Lakewood.

The two North Line trains will be scheduled 15 minutes apart, with 2:15 and 2:30pm departures from Everett.

All 5 trains will arrive well before kickoff during the 3:00 hour, and will depart after the game in staggered slots, with South Line trains leaving 10, 20, and 40 minutes after the final whistle, and North Line trains leaving 15 and 35 minutes afterward. Standard fares of $3.75-$5.75 apply, and unlike Metro’s cash shuttles (which will not operate) all ORCA pass products are accepted.

Even if you’re not a sportsball fan, there’s nothing stopping you from using these trains opportunistically as weekend Sounder service. One thing I like to do on days like these is take Sound Transit 578 to Puyallup, ride the Foothills Trail to South Prairie, and return in time to catch the express train back to Seattle. Any suburban folks wanting a Saturday day trip to Seattle have a tailor made 5-hour window for errands or entertainment. Just expect large, blue-green crowds :)

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  1. Out of curiosity, how much money does Sound Transit pay BNSF for each special event trip? Is it more than what they pay for a regular, rush hour trip, because of the the short notice?

  2. That is the most confusing train schedule I have ever seen.

    I also have no idea when the trains leaving Seattle run. Or is it based on the end of game time?

    1. From the article above:

      “[The trains] will depart after the game in staggered slots, with South Line trains leaving 10, 20, and 40 minutes after the final whistle, and North Line trains leaving 15 and 35 minutes afterward”

      I’m assuming that the North Line trains are departing 15 and 35 minutes after the final whistle, though the post doesn’t make that clear.

    2. Per the ST announcement:

      “Return schedule – from Seattle/King Street Station
      South line trains depart King Street Station 10, 20 and 45 minutes after game ends; north line trains depart 15 and 35 minutes after.”

      That’s not completely clear to me, but basically it seems one should just head for the platform when the game ends.

      1. Thats correct, no stopping for a beer after the game.
        Just make sure you get on the train going the right way!
        It’s a long, and expensive taxi ride back home.

      2. …Or stay for the beer, and take…
        The 594 back for Tacoma/Lakewood
        The 578 back for Auburn, Sumner, Puyallup
        The 150 back for Kent
        The 150 + F-Line for Tukwila
        The 512 + 116 OR E-Line + 130 for Edmonds
        The 512 + 113 for Mukilteo
        The 512 for Everett

        And pay less than the train would have cost anyway, instead of more for a taxi. If you’re new or uncomfortable with transfers, worst case is you get off at the wrong stop and you take a cheaper taxi ride. For the 1-bus trips, those are so simple there’s almost no excuse for a taxi.

      3. people who board the northbound train instead of the southbound one they arrived on, would be totally confounded by your instructions.

      4. Beer plus bus fare will not save any dough over Sounder fare without beer. But if you add in the cost of the game ticket, it’s going to cost a fortune no matter what.

      5. @Jim,
        Yeah, but those people would probably be confused by most instructions. And even if someone plans on taking a taxi because they are unfamiliar with transit, if they do make a point to remember to (for example, going to Puyallup) “check for the 578” and they see a bus that says “578 Puyallup,” then they’ll confidently board that bus (and save an obscene amount of taxi fare).

        True, but the point of beer isn’t to save money. I was talking about the cost of only the transportation, I.e., even if the train left late enough for beer, the bus would still be cheaper.

      6. The downside of taking the bus on the return trip is you’re often not certain you’ll have a seat on the next bus. I’ve to wait as much as an hour.

        You might have to stand on the train especially if you take the first one but at least you know you’re getting home.

  3. Hope this isn’t ot, but the site auto filled the name and email field with thd the last commenter’s info. This is actually Ben P

    1. That happened once before. It plagued us for a few days until the webhost company fixed their server cache or something. Just erase the bogus info.

      Not AlexKven.

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