Sound Transit Express will be running their regular service schedules on MLK Day, but may find their usual bus lanes filled with parked cars. . Photo by AVGeekJoe

Next Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Most transit agencies run a regular weekday schedule. The outliers are King County Metro, Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail and Tacoma streetcar, the King County Water Taxis, the Seattle Streetcars, Community Transit’s commuter routes, Clallam Transit, and Mason Transit.

While Link Light Rail is running a Saturday schedule, the Saturday span of service is the same as the weekday span of service. With 3-car trains running all day (as has become the unpublished tradition for all Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), it will also be more spacious, especially if you wait in the right section of the platform to board the third car.

As Zach pointed out over a year ago, the Seattle Department of Transportation has bought out the Metro weekday reductions on Seattle-only routes (except those in the separate UW reductions category) on minor holidays, but the Seattle Municipal Code hasn’t caught up with that reality. Free parking is allowed on minor holidays in a lot of lanes that would normally function as bus lanes.

Information about bus reroutes can be found at Metro’s, Sound Transit’s, and Community Transit’s alert pages.

I am no longer including shuttles that are not open to the public in this list. Check here for additional transit options provided through the University of Washington. (None of these operate on weekends or on MLK Day.)

Service levels for transit agencies around the region for this Saturday through Monday are below the fold.

Agency/Service Saturday Sunday MLK Day
Bikeshare (Seattle) any time any time any time
Clallam Transit Saturday No Service No Service
Community Transit Saturday Sunday Local Weekday
Commuter routes
402, 413, 421, 855 only
Everett Transit Saturday Sunday Weekday
Greys Harbor Transit Saturday Sunday Weekday
Intercity Transit Saturday Sunday Weekday
Island Transit No Service No Service Weekday
Jefferson Transit Saturday No Service Weekday
King County Metro Saturday Sunday Reduced Weekday
UW Reductions
King County Water Taxis Saturday Sunday No Service
Kitsap Transit Saturday No Service Weekday
Link Light Rail Saturday
All 3-car trains
All 3-car trains
Saturday frequency
All 3-car trains
Mason Transit Saturday No Service No Service
Monorail 8:30 AM – 11 PM 8:30 AM – 9 PM 7:30 AM – 9 PM
Pacific Transit Route 20 Only No Service Weekday
Pierce Transit Saturday Sunday Weekday
Seattle Streetcars Saturday Sunday Sunday
Skagit Transit Saturday Sunday Monday
Sound Transit Express Saturday Sunday Weekday
Sounder No Service No Service Weekday
Tacoma Link Saturday Sunday Sunday
Twin Transit Saturday No Service Weekday
Washington State Ferries Saturday Sunday Weekday – Check route
Whatcom Transit Saturday Sunday Weekday

3 Replies to “Service Reductions for Martin Luther King, Jr Day”

  1. Thanks, Brent. I think it’s supposed to rain too. Any website for freeway forecast?

    Still think it’s a good idea to start treating politically-inflicted artificial logistics destruction as either natural disasters or ISIS attempts reduce our fuel mileage so we have to buy more gas from the oil wells they’ve seized.

    Giant military bulldozers are already fitted with undercarriage machinery for leaving diamond-shaped prints in the new squashed-metal pavement of the I-5 lanes they clear. And it’s classified, but be ready to wave to the pilots when huge camo-painted Sky-Crane helicopters get the towing contract for restoring downtown bus lanes.

    If a Defense Secretary named “Mad Dog” will won’t liberate our Federal highways from our worst threat to freedom, every day, not only minor national holidays….Who Will?

    Especially if he was ever stationed at JBLM.


  2. Thanks so much for using my photo. Very nice Double Tall driver saw me as a photog and wearing my Seahawks leather jacket. Awesome driver, awesome transit agency, awesome memory, awesome photograph, and awesome Double Tall bus.

  3. Last year I was able to bus from Renton to Bellingham and back on the same day on MLK Day. The key is the Skagit Transit service from Everett to Mount Vernon and from Mount Vernon to Bellingham. The weather doesn’t seem to be that great for epic transit journeys this year.

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