Pedal Anywhere: Bikes Delivered on Demand

Imagine going to a car rental counter and being told that all they have available are SmartCars and Ferraris, and nothing in between. Ridiculous, right? That’s how bike rental has been in North America for decades. Cheap beach cruisers abound in tourist hotspots, and specialty shops provide high-end carbon racing bikes for those willing to pay up.

But where are the ‘Toyotas’ of the rental bike world? Where are the high quality, everyday bikes you can rely upon for commuting or touring? That’s where we come in. At Pedal Anywhere, we exist to bring you a bike in your size and in your style, just like you ride at home. We deliver bikes on demand.

We want you to step off a plane or a train, push a few buttons on your phone, and be riding an hour later. We bring you a bike, and you ride it anywhere you want for as long as you want. When you’re done, you lock it up, text us, and walk away. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest. Rates begin at $39, and delivery and pickup are free within Seattle. Long-term rentals are as low as $6/day.

We deliver bikes by bike. Carbon-free bike delivery!

The Ubers and Amazons of the world have raised our expectations for instant service, and we want to bring the best of that on-demand revolution to the bicycling world. We want to enable anyone, quite literally, to Pedal Anywhere.

We want to complement, not compete, with city bikeshare systems. Where bikeshare serves the short point-to-point trip very well, sometimes you just want a nicer bike you can ride anywhere at all without restriction. Are you one of our customer types?

  • You’re in town for a week at an AirBnb, and you want a bike to call your own from the moment you land to the moment you leave. No traffic, no waiting for Ubers, no learning an unfamiliar transit system. Just pure mobility.
  • You want to go on a long bike tour but dread the pain and expense of boxing your bike for air travel. With us you can show up with just your panniers and be off and riding within an hour.
  • You’re thinking about becoming a bike commuter, but you want to rent a variety of bike styles for a few weeks so you can buy your first commuter bike with confidence.
  • You bike everywhere in Seattle already, and you have family coming into town. You want to help them see the city the way you do, so you rent them bikes for the week.

Whoever you are and no matter why you ride, we want to help you get onto two wheels. We’re beginning our 4th year in Seattle, and we’re ready to take our concept to the next level. We are now undertaking a crowdfunding campaign so that we can be funded by YOU, our customers. With the support of our local community, we believe we can make Pedal Anywhere a regional or even national reality. Portland? Vancouver? San Francisco? It should be just as easy to get a bike no matter where you are.

Want to help us make it happen?

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