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  1. I not driven either. Always took transit. When city bus was running.
    You can ride the bus without car.

  2. There’s only one change I’d like to see more than private-car addiction and the sprawling development that nurtures it:

    The return of popular music written by musicians, and not studio marketing departments. Remember, talking about songs here, not hip hop, which to its credit often needs defense attorneys and body-guards.

    After about two decades of music that if it had any muscles would pull all of them not offending anybody- is there such a thing as a bass falsetto?….

    This morning Weird Al totally blew The Mother of All Bombs (title actually belonging to the Administration that just used one) all the way through the world. But sometimes rescue comes from unexpected directions.

    Searching YouTube for video from those cogwheel streetcars in Trieste and Stuttgart,
    and Vladimir Putin’s recently acquired Прентис-стрит Троллейбус Номер маршрута Семь (Prentice Street Trolleybus Route 7) in Crimea-

    I suddenly realized how Emmy Lou Harris completely made up for everything else about the 1970’s, from our country’s permanent manufacturing collapse to men’s haircuts and fashions that only Sonny Bono himself kept him from looking like a porn star.

    Any chance that when Northgate and East LINK open, we have a Musical Ride day it one car in every four standing-load with Weird Al impersonators? Emmy Lou? Please don’t even try.


    1. I think what you’re looking for is punk rock. Though I admit there’s a lot less of it lately, it’s pure message set to basic music. Anyway, just finding a way to link to Violent Femmes.

      1. Sorry, Matt. My connection to the universe of rock and roll was severed in 1979 when, already despondent because I couldn’t get a date with Emmylou Harris, a pretty girl persuaded me to go with her to an Iggy Pop concert.

        By threatening to go by herself if I didn’t go with her. Immediately flashed by a Montypythonic time vortex into being Sir Walter Raleigh throwing his down his dress cape to save Queen Elizabeth (not Princess Diana’s mother in law) from stepping in some transportation related pollution in a GP lane on a London arterial.

        Tragically, I couldn’t get my T-shirt off in time to keep my own fair lady from diving into updated version of same puddle, except he smelled worse. YouTube is sort of like Rip Van Winkle-waking up 2017-1979 later. What’s Spotify?


  3. And just to clarify “Bomb” reference in entertainment context. For Al, talking about megatons of pure liberating energy in a just war. For public figure with much worse hair…what happens to tyrants that use the incurable Twitter-virus to leave their own people retching in the streets?


  4. Elon Musk’s corporate headquarters has a parking problem. It even has douchebags (cars parked on sidewalks, same video as Friday).

    The article focuses on the disconnect between Musks’ utopian futures (universal electric cars, hyperloops, highway tunnels) and transportation geometry. It says BART’s new Warm Springs station is a half mile from Tesla’s Fremont factory but the walking labyrinth is almost two miles.

    1. In Elon’s defense, he didn’t build the factory, GM did. He just re-purposes it away from hydrocarbon fueled autos.

      1. And further in his defense, the factory predates the BART station by many years. The factory site was clearly laid out for freight rail access on its back side, and that’s the side the BART station is on, so it would take a combination of public and private investments to improve connections.

    2. All they have to do is run an employee shuttle service to the BART station (or subsidize Uber/Lyft rides if you insist on a car-based solution?) until the footbridge gets built. Even a few shuttle bus trips would free up a lot of space–and the shuttle ride may actually be quicker than driving in and out of that mess!

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