In a shocking investigation into their own inability to read legislation, Senator O’Ban and Washington Senate Republicans have taken a bold step into the unknown. How much incompetence are they willing to admit in their quest for Seattle Times headlines? Apparently quite a lot.

Sound Transit has been entirely transparent in their requests for a funding source to the legislature and to voters: This is well established.

The state legislature set both the rate and method of motor vehicle depreciation, which did not change in ST3. If these state legislators would like to change what the voters approved, they must replace any transit funding they are cutting. Senator O’Ban’s investigationĀ into the bill he voted for is an act of bad faith. Bad faith, because they are abandoning a bipartisan deal to allow regional voters to tax themselves to fund transit in exchange for highways in far flung parts of Washington State. Bad faith, because they are trying to override the will of voters who expect Sound Transit to deliver the light rail promised in ST3.

Why are they doing this? They are desperate, as the party of Trump, to make this a campaign issue and maintain control of the state senate after an upcoming special election in the 45th district. Seattle Subway recommends a campaign donation to Democratic candidate Manka Dhingra in their honor.

10 Replies to “Republicans Set Hearings on Own Incompetence”

  1. Bring on the hearings – and Sound Transit should share whatever they give the State Senators!

    The truth will set Sound Transit Three free!

    1. Wouldn’t bet on that…. the truth only works when you have people there who are willing to listen and understand.

      1. I agree, they’re wasting our time on this nonsense and wasting other legislators time on an issue that for most of them isn’t a real relevant issue that they need to have a say in

      2. At this point, with great respect, we need to clear the air here. There are some things that need settling once and for all. The truth will set Sound Transit Three free folks.

        I have to say what stinks is resolving the McCleary matter is not very much in the news. It should be.

        Also not in the news: The GREAT work the rank & file of Sound Transit do every day for the folks. Do you ever see a “feel good” news story starring a rank & file Sound Transit employee?

        That’s a genuine question folks.

      1. Is it signed? I’m not seeing it. It just says “this is a guest post” which to me means it is NOT by the the leaders of Seattle Subway org. They are not guests. A guest post is when someone who is not one of their writers writes a story. And then they sign it and STB includes details about who they are and why they are someone who knows about what the subject.

    1. Here:

      Will never understand why STB makes readers go track that down. Yes, a newspaper editorial is unsigned, but the names of the editorial board members are public and easy to find in the paper, or nowadays on the paper’s own website.

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