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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNigxNlo8DY

    Thanks, Oran. Build these communities with a circulatory system of street rail exactly like this, and you’ll have pretty much an urban version of the “streetcar suburbs” I’ve been advocating.

    Karlsruhe, Germany especially relevant, because some of its tram cars can run both city streets and intercity rail. Very much like average buses and cars. Whose multiple-right of way use nobody alive in this country has ever questioned.

    Note how comfortable trains and pedestrians are with each other. Common in Europe. First Avenue Connector and our Waterfront? Probably wouldn’t need warning signs when kids today riding LINK and SLU line in jogging strollers finish high school.

    Doubt either buses or cars could handle quarters this close. Even 30′ buses with batteries. @Marshall Foster: Thanks for foresight on the drains and curbs on the Waterfront, but still waiting for at least renderings for West Seattle LINK.

    But careful about Comparative Diversity, Michael. Will admit it exists when my former neighbors and I can get on our streetcar- ok, will settle for the Route 44 with its own lanes and signals- at he doorstep we’ll own and help manage back in Ballard.

    Norway, Sweden, and Finland all have native born citizens with dark skins, and glad to have them. Because grandfather-age Norsemen need people from backgrounds who think bus driving is a good job to pay their own generous retirement benefits.

    Some of the Germans in the video could very well be either Turks, of which Germany has had many for decades, or Syrians. Against advice of his top general, who later became the Turkish republic’s first president, the Sultan lost WWI because the Kaiser Wilhelm did.

    Very bad post WWI turn too. Humanitarian program of transferring ethnic Turks and Greeks back to their ancestors’ countries turned into genocide. But since Syria had been part of the Ottoman Empire, Angela Merkel very likely calculated that the 800,000 refugees she requested would include people whose double-great grandparents were German as well as Greek.

    And have never forgotten, or forgiven, the transfer. “Borders” are a pretty recent concept, often introduced by Europeans to create the Irans, Iraqs, and Afghanistans their empires needed to make allies out of rulers whose people still hate them for it.

    But strongest Diversity-related comparison of all between Angela’s country and ours If the USA, including well-known liberal President Roosevelt, had given a similar order-form to Hitler, it would have saved the Holocaust 800,000 members. Good thing neither her country nor ours acts like that now!

    We share views of neighbors ages, but calculate them differently. “55 and over only” should be against same laws that require sunshine and fresh air. But senility-test: Do we fix on purchase of Breda fleet or its future prevention?

    Mark Dublin

  2. Seems to me – for now – Sound Transit got through unchanged and ST3 got through unscathed.

    But we still got the O’Ban hearings coming. So please NO spiking the football.

    Oh and my support of elected transit boards is 0% to pick on Sound Transit and 50% ideological and 50% I want to be on transit board. Just wanted to clear that up…

    1. Joe, I’m trying to keep my own “take” on transit-board selection simply practical. I personally wouldn’t have the background in engineering or public administration an organization of Sound Transit’s size needs board-member needs.

      What are the qualifications you’re looking for in an ST board member?


      1. I want someone who has a commitment to improve transit, is a quick study, who can hold their own and will not be a potted plant. I want someone who will work with staff as vigorously as Dow Constantine has but ask tougher questions in public than any current ST Boardmember. I also want someone accountable for the best transit possible.

        There you go.

  3. What, no yoga mat? $500M bet on no-frills rental units ($) Finally somebody is getting serious about workforce housing and non-luxury apartments.

    “To offer cheaper rents than other new apartments, Spectrum plans on putting up buildings with all the basics but few frills: no underground parking garages, concierge services or high-end amenities that drive up construction costs — and rents — at most new buildings. The buildings will also generally be smaller, which saves money compared to high-rises.”

  4. In Chicago the Trains Actually Run on Time ($) Or so says mayor Rahm Emmanuel in a New York Times commentary. Also, it’s the L’s 125th birthday. “The elevated railway began as four wooden cars powered by coal and steam.” It goes on to talk about how Chicago persistently invested in maintenance and renovation, and that paid off in lack of failures. It also calls for increased federal funding for transit.

  5. Thanks for helping to the spread the word about multi-generational urban community living. My husband and I worked with others for 6 years to create our cohousing community. It was a lot of work but worthwhile. We moved in a year ago. Our 9 unit apartment building on Capitol Hill has 17 adults and 11 kids, ages 1- 16. The adults range from late 30s to late 60s. We share 3 meals a week together in our Common House.

    1. Forgot to mention, since this is on a transit blog that our founders selected our site based on proximity to all amenities including being one block from the LINK!

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