Shoreline Deputy Mayor Jesse Salomon, leading an anti-light-rail incumbent state senator

In the 2018 primary election, STB endorsed three state senate candidates, including one devoutly-pro-transit incumbent (Sen. Marko Liias), one open-seat candidate (Joe Nguyen), and one challenging an entrenched incumbent (Jesse Salomon, challenging light rail opponent Sen. Maralyn Chase). All three of our endorsees came in first in the primary election.

We’re hungry for more. Or rather, the electorate seems hungry for more. Let us know who the transit, urbanist land use, and climate action champions are on the November ballot. Help us make transit’s support at all levels of government great again.

You can register to vote, update your address or name online through October 8. You can also check your registration status, cancel your registration there, or get your personalized voters pamphlet there. Local voters’ pamphlets and TVW presentations are also available online.

7 Replies to “2018 General Election Call for Endorsements”

    1. She opposed ST3. I don’t think she is opposed to light rail itself (although I don’t know). In other words, if the package was better (or she had more faith in the organization), she might have supported it (although again, I’m just speculating).

  1. Thanks, Ross. Because here’s my point, whether it holds in this case or not. Is any single vote a reason to vote against a candidate of your own party? Especially if it’s over the details of that one particular bill, or questions about the organization itself.

    I don’t know anything at all about these two candidates, and I can’t vote for either of them. But they’re both Democrats. Something which, this election, would make me lean more toward their knowledge and experience with public transit as a whole.

    Steve Bannon was telling the truth when he told FOX news that I’ve also got one or two problems with the way the ST Board looks at me over a personal political issue of mine that would’ve got me killed in a duel with Alexander Hamilton even if I was a Federalist.

    But I’ve known Dave Earling from a long way back. Paul Roberts too. And the Cross Kirkland Connector will be a service road for I-405 if anything politically negative happens to Claudia Balducci. And who could ever not vote for Rob Johnson?

    Jenny, my young neighbors you put in Angle Lake for not being snitches, good idea if you give them all pro-streetcar jobs before you run for Governor. Though if one of them tells on you for being a covert CCC-hater-can’t help you because I don’t vote in Seattle.

    Joe McDermott, watch it. You know why. But Peter, if you stay on the phone next public comment period, Scout’s honor I won’t yield my time to Alex Tsimerman. See my point, Brent?


  2. A few thoughts and suggestions:

    1) Yea, Marilyn Chase needs to go. Part of a dwindling clique in the Democratic Party that forgets the importance of public transit. Even if that means as if Mary Margaret Haugen, we get an Island Transit Republican.

    2) I recommend Rick Hannold for Island County Commissioner. Rick has fought to save Island Transit and for fares for Island Transit. I don’t know about you, but it’s UNFAIR to ask Skagit Transit, Community Transit & King County Metro to compete for grants alongside a transit agency dependent on grants that won’t charge a fare.

    3) Skagit County is holding an election on going to a charter county. One thing being considered is changing governance to a county council. At that point, I’ll lobby for the county council to run Skagit Transit. Something to consider.

    4) Ivan Lewis for 39th LD, Position 1. His opponent is on the Tim Eyman Express, wants true $30 tabs. Lewis on the other hand, “I believe that a transition to a green economy is the best, most equitable way to ensure the preservation of our environment. Legislation that incentivizes clean energy while reducing the use of fossil fuels is the first step to promoting a clean economy.” Also e-mailing him for a statement on transit.

    5) Maria Cantwell for US Senator and Rick Larsen for US Congressional District 2. They’ll ensure fair play around federal transit grants. Which is becoming a full blown crisis for Sound Transit.

    1. At the moment, it’s Brent and me. I may draft Frank into helping out, as Dan’s a little busy right now.

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