3 Replies to “Podcast #73: Always Two Years Away”

  1. No mystery about widespread approval of transit lanes. Just think how many single-occupancy cars a single articulated bus can get out of the way of other traffic.

    Early yet, but any stats on whether the insurance industry will reward drivers who spare their cars, and themselves from their work-days’ riskiest likely exposure?

    And maybe mechanics can offer some testimonial on the cost benefits of saving everybody’s beloved car from its own cruelest possible use?

    Day may soon come when a window sticker for a well-known transit parking facility will visibly increase your car’s value.

    Mark Dublin

  2. Any clarification on how much of the $286M of “streetcar money” is actually the streetcar, as opposed to much needed utility and streetscape work that happen to be along the same corridor as well as the cost of delaying the contract commitments? I do agree though with “let’s wait until at least some of the funding materializes” before doing yet another streetcar focused article and/or podcast segment.

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