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    1. I don’t know, but in a few years they could be outdated. My guess is buses will avoid 15th as soon as Link gets to the U-District. They will use The Ave (University Way) and Brooklyn. Both are closer to the station, and serve a more vibrant area. Hopefully (non-bus) traffic would shift to 15th at that point.

      1. I thought there was a long-range plan to eventually pedestrianize the Ave. 15th also avoids reroutes every Saturday for the Farmers Market, and it has more capacity, so buses don’t get stuck behind other buses at every bus stop. It’s slightly further from the station, but it’s one block, and a very short block and, at 43rd St., a pretty flat block.

      2. Booklyn is too small and residential south of 43rd. And, it’s too far from campus. Remember the students? They’re who fills the buses in the U-District, not people headed to the offices west of campus.

  1. It would be interesting to compare and contrast Seattle with Paris. Our climates are remarkably similar. That implies that our vegetation issues are also similar.

    Why is Paris prettier than much of Seattle? What architectural features from Paris should be incentivized in Seattle (I suspect that many people are not inspired by modern monolithic buildings devoid of ornateness). Are Metro stops with classical Art Nouveau entrance canopies better than doling our walls for artists in otherwise bland stations? How much better is a city with wide boulevards than increasingly narrower streets? Are we willing to upzone Seattle to house 2 million residents like Paris (noting that Paris only has 40 percent of Seattleā€™s land area)? Would future Seattle look different if we spent our transit capital dollars on urban core lines rather than extensions 20+ miles from Downtown? How can a city overflowing with several wealthy citizens inspire ways to translate that into a broader local public benefit?

    1. I’d take the views from the Space Needle over those from the Eiffel Tower. View from the Rainier Vista is pretty spectacular. Golden Gardens, Seward Park,… all iconic Seattle. Sure the Champs-Elysees might have an edge on Pike Place Public Market but do they throw fish :=

  2. Today is the first day of UW’s Spring quarter, so buses are quite crowded. At several 372 stops along 25th, there’s a posted sign that says the stops will be closed after 5pm due to construction for the next several days (weeks?). But Metro hasn’t posted this alert online, nor has it sent out any text alerts. It’s not clear the full extent of stop closures nor what routing the 372 will take.

    Presumably the 372 will either adopt the 65 routing south of 65th and still serve campus, or it will cut across 55th to 20th Ave like it does during football games and it will skip campus. Clearly Metro knows details about the construction and reroutes since they’ve posted some signs. But would it be so hard for Metro to actually provide full details with riders?

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    1. “Perfectly balanced hybrid…”

      At first I thought this was going to be a comment about a new diesel-electric bus or something. LOL!

      John had surgery Friday. He’s with the Lord now.

    2. Um, er, ah, this isn’t The Stranger. When it says “Open Thread” it doesn’t mean “open stash”.

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