The connection between peoplemovers and Disney.

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  1. I’m looking for ideas related to a project/proposal I’m working on for the ERC NE 8th crossing. Any/all ideas welcome but what I’m trying to work out 1st is how to route the trail from S of NE 8th to where it connects with the (very nive) interim trail that runs along the W side of the ST OMF facility. I have one wacky idea for the crossing that I’ll share later; and no it’s not a gondola := Although, with all the over, under around and through that’s become required as this ROW quickly gets gobbled up that might not be out of the question.

    1. I thought ST was going to stop the trail at NE 8th street. So no need for a crossing. That once East Link construction is done, they will build a ERC trail from NE 16th to NE 8th.

      1. That would make a lot of sense. It’s not good to have cycles and pedestrians next to construction equipment.

  2. So far, Trailhead Direct seems to be quite popular, but the effects of running it with a private contractor, rather than the regular pool of Metro buses and drivers and starting to show.

    I’ve seen multiple instances the past couple weeks where buses arrive 30 minute late, back-to-back with the next bus, or buses that arrive in vehicles that are too small to pick up all the people that are waiting for it at the stop. Yesterday, I came very close to splitting an Uber with other people waiting at the bus stop, when the bus finally showed up.

    With regular Metro service, buses being no-shows or starting a run 30 minutes late at 8:30 on a Saturday is extremely rare. I’m guessing the difference is probably related to labor. With Metro, if a bus driver shows up at the base late, then run goes to somebody else and runs on time. And, the driver probably gets paid enough to care about not being late. With a contractor, if the driver oversleeps and is late leaving home to pick up the bus, the service will be late, and everybody just has to wait.

    That said, there is a part me that feels like, as long as I’m not the one actually paying for the service, I don’t really have the right to complain…

    1. You are paying the fare, and paying the taxes…

      I think if there’s a problem with the service, it’s best to complain to metro. I think they are ultimately responsible, even if it’s through a contractor?

      That said, 30 minutes late in bad traffic is not unheard of even for a regular metro bus. I’ve waited longer than that for a bus, and then suddenly 2 buses show up.

      If you think it’s just a matter of the contractor being disorganized, though, I would complain so they at least know there’s a problem.

  3. Is there any sense of when the escalators at University St. station will be fixed? I’ve stopped taking Link from Sounder in the morning because the stairs up are so long and taking Metro i don’t have to climb at all, but it’s sort of ridiculous how long these have been out and I never see anyone working on them.

  4. Could someone offer an opinion as to just how crowded Link is heading northbound into downtown, leaving from Othello or Columbia City at 8:00 am on weekdays? Are the trains standing room only at that time/by that point? Crush loaded? Or are there open seats? I apologize that I simply do not know, as I haven’t taken Link during rush hours. (Am considering a move to those areas in south Seattle and trying to envision the commute.)

  5. Odd how the supposed issues with linear induction motors he gives have proven to be an issue with SkyTrain.

    1. errrr, NOT proven.
      Had a bunch of issues with auto correct while attempting to post the above, and I missed correcting that somehow.

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