MASS Coalition:

The MASS Transportation Package is a proposal from the MASS Coalition to make walking, rolling, biking, and using transit in Seattle safer and more accessible. It’s not a comprehensive vision for transportation in Seattle, but it is a set of projects and policies we believe the City can advance rapidly in 2019. The package includes long overdue policy reforms and investments in sidewalks, bus lanes, and bike paths that our growing city needs.

The first piece of legislation is focused on bike safety and complete streets. Upcoming pieces will include bus priority. This Friday at 2pm there will be a special session of the Council’s Sustainability & Transportation Committee to discuss it.

Learn how to take action and RSVP on Facebook.

5 Replies to “MASS transportation package kicks off at City Hall tomorrow”

  1. How does this interface with Council elections? Is the intent to get this on the ballot before the current council goes away, or create a benchmark from which to compare runoff candidates? Throwing this onto Council’s plate after the runoffs seems suspect or strategic, depending on one’s point of view.

    1. Shutting down legislating for 5 months every four years seems suspect as well. If a future Council wants to change things they can vote to do so.

  2. Is there a way of combing some of the MASS plans with the ST access plans to get a better system?

  3. some of the MASS projects, as well as sidewalks on Aurora and Greenwood avenues North, could be funded with the capital targeted for the CCC Streetcar.

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