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  1. Was there a problem with the page today? Or did this effort really deliver only zero comments? Because it’s an uneasy feeling that the 54 year old link to “Sounds of Silence” is still our National Anthem. Okay….more like our own “International”.

    Maybe I’m still depressed over the couple of hours I spent yesterday in Tacoma at one of the trials generated by the BN derailment. But for some reason, after about six hours’ frustration today, best response I can give today’s posting is a quick comment to three candidates.

    Bernie and Elizabeth, for President I’d vote for either you. But Elizabeth, I think your handling of the machinery of the Senate in these years makes Vice President your forte.

    Senator Warren, your best statement of the campaign is where you look straight into the camera and explain that you have no problem with some private money in the medical system so long as ownership and final control is in the hands of us, the People.

    With a brief side-note that precisely because you used to be a Republican while the Republican Party also was, your memory RNA will never let you forget that a trillion dollar deficit caused by failure to raise fair and affordable taxes belongs neither with the black ink nor the red, but in the column where all is fragrantly brown.

    And also make public the worldwide truth that for most of human history, being a family proposition, it was common for a tribe or clan not only to induct a brave and able captive into their midst, but to treat them as a lifelong relative they’d just discovered. Between you and your current Denier in Chief….which one of you would end up with the name of “”How Long ‘Til His Horse Collapses?”

    And Bernie, I think your next move is a fifteen minute explanation in the Democratic Party’s every public channel that like the term “Whig” maybe, the word “Socialism” has legitimately outlived its usefulness. And from here on, you’ll just explain honestly and concisely that you’re talking about a cooperative, and take it from there.

    One trouble, familiar to every volunteer- hungry co-op: how many freedom-and-independence lovers really want to be, as real Private Enterprise demands, the Owner? Can’t unionize. All the other owners are your boss.

    Mark Dublin

    1. The word “socialism” is getting too wide. The same word can’t usefully describe Bernie Sanders, Scandinavia, and the Soviet Union. And the Scandinavian countries rebuked Bernie, saying they’re not socialist. Universal healthcare and housing is not one step away from the gulags and reeducation camps.

      1. “Socialism” was always a broad word. IMO, socialism was first implemented by Clement Atlee in the UK (England) in 1946. It is explicitly *not* communist.

        The Soviet Union was explicitly “Marxist” — and Marx ranted repeatedly against “socialism” because he claimed it wasn’t radical enough. So the USSR wasn’t socialist, according to Marx.

    1. Mark,

      All the links go straight to the video segments, which are working. That includes the link for Biden. The link for “Watch this video on Youtube” also goes to the Biden segment. Random thought: The Youtube-sponsored football club from LA is having a bad week, too, at least compared to their usual romps.

  2. I know that there have been complaints about ST not extending the hours of Light Rail on evenings when there are events but last night they did respond to an unplanned situation.

    The football game at Husky Stadium was delayed for over 2 1/2 hours because of the thunder and lightning storm and did not restart until 1030 pm and ended at 120 am.

    At 1119 ST send out a text message that Light Rail service would be extended until the stadium was cleared. But it was estimated that there were only about 15,000 people in the stands when the game resumed out of the 70,000 who where there at the kickoff so probable didn’t take that much time to clear the stadium when the game ended.

    But give credit to ST for their response to this unplanned situation.

    1. Jeff, I wanted to make a similar post, so thank you.

      Serious thanks go to whomever at Sound Transit was able to ask for this decision to be made, and for whomever high enough up the food chain at ST was available to make it – and did so. Particular thanks go to the ST station and train staff who worked quite a bit later than they would have expected – I’m sure overtime kicked in, and it was very well deserved.

      I was at the game and throughout the course of the delay and into the game itself the announcement reminding us that the last Link train was at 12:56am was made – far earlier than the game would have (and did) finish. We made alternative plans to Uber – which I hate – but that would have put us competing with the other 15,000 fans at the precise time bars were closing on a Saturday night. When the announcement was made that service would continue there was a huge cheer. We boarded/departed around 1:40am and there were others still coming into the station and a train was waiting for them as well.

      Thank you again, ST. We can (and do) complain when something goes wrong, is designed wrong, goes over budget, etc. – when things go right and you go above and beyond, you should be praised just as loudly. Kudos to all of you.

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