If you’ve gotten used to just waltzing up to the train station and waiting for the next train, the 12-minute headways during Connect 2020 may be something of a shock. Fortunately Sound Transit has published a Connect 2020 timetable, so you can plan ahead.

You can view the PDF or just go to your favorite mapping app (Google Maps, One Bus Away, Transit, etc.) to see the timetable in action.

Also, surface transit is an option for those wishing to avoid the transfer dance and head directly to SODO station

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  1. the DavidL information is a partial list (is that Lawson from STB?):
    South Jackson Street: routes 7, 1-14, 36, and 62;
    4th Avenue South island: routes 5, 26, 28, 19, 24, 33, 41, 15, 17, 18, 5X
    4th Avenue South nearside Jackson: routes 522, 545, 550, 510, 511, 512, 513, CT, 590, 592, 594, 595, 101, 102, 150
    SODO routes 101, 102, 150 on busway; routes 21, 131, and 132 (5, 26, 28) on 4th Avenue South
    Beacon routes 36 and 60
    chose a bus stop with a short wait.

    1. It’s probably pretty close. It’ll be interesting to see if they adjust it during peak hours when the train sometimes runs a few minutes late, but to be honest it’s not all that uncommon for the train to normally run a few minutes late at peak, under loads that would make a bus run 10-20 minutes late.

      On the whole the schedule for Link is generally pretty reliable, but it’s more valuable now with it being at 12 minutes all day.

      1. From my experience the past couple days, the trains are not running according to the timetable. The trains have been consistently 5-15 minutes off from the timetables. So you should still expect to just miss the train, and plan to either arrive ten minutes before the train you want to take or be prepared to catch the next scheduled train. Why can’t ST get this right with the reduced schedule?

      2. Ouch, not cool then. Hopefully it’s just due to operational challenges rather than blowing the schedule off.

        If any early birds have taken the first 5am train out of Angle Lake, sharing your experience of the train’s timeliness would be appreciated. I might need to make use of this trip when the snow comes to transfer to a bus in downtown.

  2. Don’t forget 2nd Avenue. 101 (all day, 15 min or better mon to fri), 102 (peak in peak direction only), and 150 (15 min daily). Also 594 (590 and 595 peak) southbound only (they pick up northbound only when stopping to de board passengers) .

    1. And the 48! I’m curious how bad crowding is on the 48. I haven’t gotten a chance to test ride it during Connect/2020.

  3. “Schedule”? LOL. The lack of real time arrival information should cost someone their job. Not to mention loading this “schedule” into OBA before it started so there was no arrival information that day.

    1. It appears they’ve turned off vehicle tracking, or at least the GTFS-rt feed. Not sure why.

      Days 1-3 heading NB from Othello around 7:30am, the trains have been blowing the schedule.

  4. The northbound trains I’ve been on going downtown the last two days have been about 4 and 9 minutes later than the schedule. That’s about as unhelpful as you can get schedule wise.

    Hopefully it gets better!

    1. Sound transit is now advertising weekday service of every 13 to 15 minutes on the connect 2020 site. It looks like they can’t guarantee 12 minute headways at peak.

  5. Left the downtown office at 6pm yesterday. Waited for 20 minutes for the 36 that was only 4 minutes away when I got there and still just 4 minutes away when I gave up and headed for the light rail. That stupid sign flashing incorrect information is infuriating; had half a mind to smash the lying device.

    Got to Pioneer Square station around 630. There were almost as many ST wayfinders as passengers on the platform. The train showed up after a short wait and was practically empty. Guess everyone was scared away? We barely filled the seats by the time we left the ID. After that it was pretty much a normal run, maybe a bit extra dwell time but nothing major.

  6. Since this morning, ST has changed the timetable- so the schedule linked above no longer reflects the limited schedule. I just talked to an ST customer service person, and they didn’t know anything about a timetable. Instead they’re just telling folks that the train arrives every 13-15 minutes.

    Also the train announcements are weirdly wrong and confusing – e.g. the northbound train I got on at Pioneer Square announced that the next stop was the airport. Lots of folks have been alarmed that they’re on the wrong train.

    I totally get that this is an important project and a necessary interruption, but it’s one that’s affecting the City’s most important public transit option. It’s disappointing just how poorly ST is handling the execution, and how buggy the rollout has been.

  7. And just now (Wednesday at 4pm) Sound Transit issued a press release that trains will be running 13-15 minutes headway’s, and that the schedules (their trip planner, one bus away, and google maps) will NOT reflect this. So much for having a schedule to help alleviate the wait.

    1. Link will lose a ton of riders. Expect ridership reports to show dramatic decreases for this period.

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