Community Transit is running a Scottish-made double-decker bus on its routes on a rotating basis. The bus is 14 feet-tall, and apartently can fit 80 people compared to 60 for articulated buses. If this bus recieves good reviews from passengers and drivers, Community Transit will consider getting more of the coaches.

Pros of double-decker vs articulated buses.

  • 80 people on double-decker vs 60 for articulated.
  • Won’t jack-knife in bad weather.
  • Easier to turn

Cons of double-decker

  • More expensive, $650,000 vs $580,000.
  • Slower boarding.
  • At 14 feet tall, can’t fit through all tunnels, and under all bridges.

I am for double-deckers on these long-distance routes. Articulated buses are annoying on city streets, but they are necessary to fit under bridges and powerlines.

2 Replies to “Double Decker Bus on Community Transit”

  1. just wondering: do they differ much in fuel efficiency? as in, does the double decker use more gas because it can carry more people, or is it the opposite since the articulated ones cover more ground (literally)?

  2. I have asked Community Transit about this and they have said they’d get back to me quickly.

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