Carless in Seattle has pointed out that the issue of travelling between the 520/Montlake Blvd and University of Washington Station has not been resolved in the current agreement announced yesterday. It’s a pretty long distance, probably about 1500~2000 feet.

I see this as one of those unfortunate situations that won’t be solved. Maybe frequent shuttle service can be the answer?

2 Replies to “Long Walk to University of Washington Station from 520”

  1. To solve this either the “Pacific Interchange” (an option in the EIS) or “Arboretum Bypass Plan” needs to be selected for 520. Then buses on 520 would stop at the Husky Stadium light rail stop – in fact, they may not even continue downtown, as light rail will get there faster.

  2. I think for most of the stations, getting people there by bus is going to be crucial. Simply having the line isn’t going to be enough. Shuttles, Circulating routes, or whatever will be key to maintaining a high ridership. It makes sense too, because you will be able to reach more area with shuttles.

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