I’m in Sweden on Holiday at the moment, so here’s a brief transit news round-up:

On Saturday the P-I talked about free transit service. Apparently, Island Transit is free, and the P-I wondered if it would work here. I doubt it. The demand would go up, mostly from kids and the homeless, which would make the bus worse for commuters and actually make transit less popular.

SFist asked a bus driver what they hated most. I know that’s San Francisco, but the list is still relevant here. Except:

-Money. Please, people, please: If you’re paying cash, get it out of your purse/backpack/pocket/shoe before you climb the stairs. It’s beyond annoying to see someone talking on a cellphone, carrying a purse or backpack that could easily hold the Grand Canyon, spending five minutes leaning on the fare box, blocking everyone else’s efforts to get on the bus, counting out pennies from the nether reaches of their bag.

Orphan Road noticed they’ve already started building University Station.