While on the topic of Lower Queen Anne and South Lake Union Crosscut wrote up on the County’s plan for Seattle Center. It also hits on a street car running up from the waterfront through South Lake Union. Apparently, Sims wants to turn the Seattle Center into a sort of Central Park, with tons of green space and some rainwater capture system. Sounds nice, but it’s a waste of the space that is an awesome venue for important cultural festivals in the city. If Seattle Center is destroyed, where will Bumbershoot go? What will replace it? It’s already been handicapped by removing Key Arena from it’s possible venues.

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  1. I haven’t been to bumbershoot in years.

    And wait until all those condo-dwellers show up. They’ll put an end to the noisy festival before too long.

  2. They’ve been trying to make several areas of Seattle into “Central Park” like areas for since the early 20th century. It’s always been met with public hostility, which is strange.

    For a while, they were going to turn the entire Denny Triangle to SLU into a park. I’ve got my eye on the SLU Park though… Kayak launch? It does seem to make that lake a bit more accessible. Especially with Gasworks right there.

    I know it won’t happen any time soon, due to the great tax revenue, but I’d like to see a green belt all the way around lake union, much like with Greenlake. It’s just that SLU is more central.

  3. The last thing this city needs is “green space” at the expense of the lasting charm of Seattle Center. How much “green space” do people need? Discovery Park, Carkeek Park, hello?

    That said, I’m all for more condos near the Center — maybe those residents will actually be able to actually afford Bumbershoot. Remember when it used to be free?

  4. I don’t mind the condos, better than parking lots. Bumbershoot used to be free?

    I remember not paying for it but that was because I was a rascal as a child.

    Bumbershoot blew my mind back then, and maybe just for nostalgia, I would hate to lose it.

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