Will at Horse’s Ass does not like passender ferries. Goldy, much like me, is sure that the roads agenda is going through anyway. Thanks a lot Sierra Club!

The Overhead wire has a round-up of the Democratic Presidential candidates’ positions on transit. The Third Rail (a heavy-rail alernative to the Overhead wire? A grade-separated transit blog?) had a round up from about six ago, and even had one for Microsoft’s bus system is doing okay, but it doesn’t seem to have made my 545 ride any less crowded. Anyone else see a difference on the 545?

Did I miss anything? Post it in the comments!

5 Replies to “Transit Round-Up”

  1. 545 seems about the same to me too.

    I never understood why you’d take the connectior if you had to reserve a seat in advance.

    Sounds clunky and ghetto.

  2. 545 is still packed at all (!) hours of the workday.

    i left microsoft about a year ago, and since leaving they’ve started the connector bus which, maddeningly, stops a block from where i live. i still hate the commute and don’t like going to the eastside though… too bad they haven’t gotten on building a big campus in seattle (i know, i know, it’s being discussed…)

  3. I heard a rumor they put a HUGE bid on the clsie property in the denny triangle

    That would be 50 story microsoft buildings in sort of downtown seattle..

    That would be nuts, right?

  4. As someone who has worked on more than a few of Sierra Club’s political campaigns I can assure you that The Sierra Clubs roll in the failure of Prop 1 (which I didn’t support) is being over played.

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