Streetcars and buses are great, but the we still need real rapid transit and in this region that means light rail. As we know, the Sound Transit Board is meeting today to discuss the future for light rail, the main question being whether to come back to the ballot in 2008 or later.

David Brewster at Crosscut seems sure it will only come back in 2010. I’m not so sure. I think if Dino Rossi moves into the governor’s mansion in 2009, there won’t be a Sound Transit in 2010 to go to the ballot. That Brewster piece about Jim Ellis is fascinating btw.

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  1. Other than the language, the hostility, and the ageism, I sort of agree with anon (I think). I’ve stopped reading Crosscut because they seem to be the conservative talk radio version of online news. They’re sensationalist and biased.

    I do wander back every now and then to see if they’ve changed, but have always been disappointed. This was not an exception.

  2. if i ever get bored reading pro-transit comments and articles, i like to go over and read the crazy delusional horsecrap over on crosscut. that is one group of people who apparently don’t really consider facts to be too necessary to a worldview or story.

  3. Anon,

    Channel your anger towards something meaningful like your local politicians in regards to transit or lack thereof! I reccommend checking out some chill pills too!

    Regarding the post, 2008 needs to be the year, it simply takes too long to get these things moving. The longer we wait the less chance (I see) of it happening. It will get too crowded and space will be way too expensive.

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