It looks like Judy Clibborn won’t let the bill hit the floor, because I guess she wants her constituents to have to pay for the state’s roads I guess.

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From the DJC, they have specific information about the taxing abilities brought up in HB 3311.

House Bill 3311 would allow a regional transit authority to levy an 0.8 percent motor vehicle excise tax and an 0.4 percent sales tax if both were approved by voters. The transit authority could also tax retail car rentals at a rate of 2.172 percent and impose annual car tab fees of up to $100.

Sound Transit currently levies an 0.3 percent MVET tax, an 0.4 percent sales tax, and an 0.8 percent car rental tax.

HB 3311 now goes to the House Transportation Committee

I think the article is wrong on the point that they can only get a .4% sales tax with voter approval, because they were asking for .5% in Prop. 1 for RTA.

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