10 Replies to “County Transfers Monorail Cash to Transit Improvements”

  1. Hey anonymous… the mayor didn’t make you vote repeatedly for the monorail project. It is NOT our elected officials’ faults that this money is wasted. It is voters’.

  2. By the way, I think it’s hilarious that people call the one person who actually has sane transportation policies mayor ‘gridlock’.

    You know what makes people prefer to walk? Density in the core. How do you think every city on the planet worked before the automobile? Frankly, most European cities, with far higher density than most US cities and often little transit, have less gridlock than we do.

    Guess why that is? Because they don’t build eight lane roads and fourteen lane highways.

  3. yeah, say what you may about other things nickels does, when it comes to mass transit, he’s a pretty ok guy.

  4. europeans do build big highways nowadays, but they also culturally and financially make car ownership something that is generally a much smaller part of life / necessity than it is here in america.

    we’ve subsidized car culture and put it on a pedestal here in this country, while europe has generally been a bit more stand-offish about it :)

    to be fair, europe also has the general benefit of having a lot more “world-class” cities clustered closer together and linked by excellent rail infrastructure. we just don’t have that here in the USA.

  5. We have a decent enough rail infrastructure here in the US, on which a pretty stellar, modern passenger transit system could be built.

    The problem is that outside of the NorthEast Corridor on the East Coast, all of the rail is privately owned, and few political leaders have the intestinal fortitude to force the railroads to improve their systems for the benefit of Amtrak and other passenger rail projects.

    And to bring this full circle, whenever a dedicated right-of-way transit project (like the Monorail) finally gets some traction, it gets obliterated by the anti-taxers.

  6. Andrew Cencini is right, the problem is our massive subsidization of cars above all else. It’s reached the point where folks go crazy just hearing about the cost of rail, though they don’t bat an eye at the costs of massive highway projects.

  7. I agree with Ben, the mayor isn’t the problem, in fact he is a substantial part of the solution. I feel better about the fact that he is now playing a bigger role in ST. I do think that he has generally good ideas and plans and he manages to get them done. I do get annoyed as well with the mayor gridlock tag, it is completely unfair to him.

  8. Ben-

    Do you think Vancouver’s Canada Line (which is a similar to the Monorail plan in the sense of short platforms and according limited capacity) is a waste of money too? Or was the Monorail a waste because its grass-roots nature doomed it to failure?

    In other words, in your opinion, was it technology, process, or some of both?

  9. steve, the Canada Line is indeed a colossal waste of money. Most of their platforms will be only 40m – ours are 120m!

    The International Olympic Committee wanted the Canada Line as part of Vancouver’s Olympic bid, and as there wasn’t very much money available to build it, the line is essentially crippled. Digging out those underground platforms to handle longer trains will cost billions more.

    I’ll talk more about the monorail in a post.

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