6 Replies to “Monorail vs Light Rail”

  1. anonymous:

    If someone’s still going on about the “if onlys” and ignoring the agency that’s actually building, I’d say they’re anti-transit.

  2. Oh yeah, and Baerwaldt is going on about buses stuck in traffic, too. Very anti-transit.

  3. Why is Rob Johnson pushing this whole “choices” thing? God I hope that isn’t this year’s tag line. Nobody cares about choices when you talk about spending taxpayer money. It’s about getting out of traffic, carrying more people, a more comfortable ride and ultimately lower operating costs.

    I LOVE the tank of gas comparison though. For the price of 1 tank of gas each year, we can have this huge expansion of rail rail, buses and streetcars. I can personally guarantee a ballot measure will pass this year if that comparison is widely advertised.

  4. His arguments were funny to me. “Light rail is expensive and ST has no track record, look how good community transit and metro are doing with brt”.

    But neither of these are finished, swift is small, and metro’s BRT will never be finished.

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