Perhaps it’s outdated by Andrew’s tip, but there’s a marvelous piece at Crosscut today where David Brewster does some solid political reporting on the board vote.  Apparently, the key transaction is that Nickels is moving a bit in Reardon’s direction on who pays for the the 145th to 185th St line.

Whatever it takes, Mr. Mayor.

5 Replies to “Political Update”

  1. I think SDOT has been too optimistic about the costs of streetcars, personally. I’m guessing the First Hill connector will cost more than $120 million. I mean, I’m fine that Seattle pays any overages on that but we should at least plan on it.

    In the end, though, having SDOT handle construction fits in with the other partner ST projects well, and allows Seattle to built its streetcar network to the specifications it desires.

  2. And I just want to note that Mayor Nickels has really been a leader here. I’m very proud that my mayor chaired the board and took a very active role in seeing this thing to the ballot. :D

    1. I think he saw what would happen to the monorail – how poorly they planned – and didn’t want to attach his name to it. I really don’t blame him.

      1. The first rule of Monorail is you don’t talk about Monorail.

        The Mayor is an effective, political animal and realizes that to balance his bully-style ( not doubt in the Daley mold ) he also needs to deliver results. Honestly, give how the Monorail was being run into the ground by the Seattle Commons huckster, he saved the city a lot of headache…

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