I was thinking about our next meet-up in a couple of weeks, and I wonder what time works best for everyone, and what the best location is. We have a few at Collin’s Pub in Pioneer Square, but the last time it was so crowded, it became a little bit of a problem. We had the last one at the Columbia City Ale House, and that worked pretty well, but it could be a bit remote for some. I also wonder if a weekend evening is the best time. Maybe a Sunday lunch meet-up could work?

So if you want to come to the next meet-up, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Piecora’s on the hill is pretty good– cheap, and it’s centrally located. You can take the 11, 10 or 2 from Downtown or walk down from the 43.

    Sunday lunch or friday evening works for me, regardless of where.

    1. Piecora’s hosted the “no” campaign’s party last year, so I won’t go there.

      1. They also hosted Dino Rossi, but it’s good food and a good way to remind them of their mixed clientele.

        Ah well, any other ideas?

      2. Apparently one of the brothers who owns Piecora’s is a Liberal and the other a Conservative so they tend to host events from both sides.

    1. I agree with that. Sunday lunch would be great. I’d say someplace right downtown, though, or maybe the ID?

  2. Since I work downtown I would prefer weeknight meetups, preferably not Friday as there tends to be more going on. I’d say most happy hours downtown would be good on Monday – Thursday nights and not too crowded.

    However, I’ve never made it to a meetup, so take my suggestions with a grain of organic sea salt.

  3. How about Harmon’s in Tacoma on Monday,

    Plenty of seating, especially for 10+ people.

    Can take Sounder down, Tacoma Link to Union Station and a short walk.

    594 back to Seattle in 50 minutes +/-

    $3 dollar 3oz steak, fries.
    $3 beer/wine

    Bunch of other goodies…

    1. Sounds Great! Harmon has great food and beer and is close enough for me that I might actually make one of these meet-ups! I love Seattle but it is too far to drive up from Fort Lewis during the weekday, especially since I often work late.

      Weekends are better for me if the meet-ups will be in Seattle.

  4. I’d prefer downtown-ish if you can find someplace that isn’t super crowded. But that’s mostly because the trip from Bothell to the Columbia City Ale House was painful. Actually, I’d really prefer further north but I think downtown would probably be better for more people. :¬)

  5. Hmm..I’d be up for either Sunday or sometime during the week. Location doesn’t matter for me.

  6. Anytime next week before Saturday works for me, since UW doesn’t start for another month. Downtown would be best, since there’s a direct bus from there to anywhere.

  7. I’m very flexible…I just need some advance notice, a few days ahead of time if you could.

    You know, I automatically assumed it would be in Seattle, but the recommendation of Harmons might be a good idea. If that’s the one I’m thinking of, its an old-style, two story bar and restaraunt in downtown Tacoma, “Cougar-owned and Cougar-run” as Bob Johnson would say. Its not that far from the state museum, which has a rail exhibit I’ve been meaning to see. A Sunday lunch in Tacoma might be just the ticket…

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