University Place is nearly out of bounding capacity and is trying to work out plans to have Pierce Transit pay for part of the parking they at putting in as part of their Town Center project. University Place wants Pierce Transit to bound $10 million for the second garage off the 851-space project.

UP’s request comes at a time when Pierce Transit is already investing in a $20 million Park & Ride project on Highway 16 in Gig Harbor. Plans call for a pedestrian footbridge, closed-circuit security cameras and adding 180 to 225 parking stalls west of the highway. The agency also would like to build a bus station in the highway’s median once the state adds HOV lanes west of the Narrows.

The groundbreaking on the Peninsula Park & Ride is expected in the fall or winter, and it’s scheduled to open in fall 2010, according to its Web site.

Pierce Transit spokesman Lars Erickson said the most expensive project the agency has built to date is the Tacoma Dome Station Park & Ride, which cost almost $50 million and required state, federal and Sound Transit dollars.

Pierce Transit seems to take park-and-rides seriously: 300 parking spots for Gig Harbor with about 6300 people. The 851-space facility could be a good investment if Pierce Transit has the money for it.

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  1. Again – these transit systems need to consider charging for parking. These garages and lots aren’t free, and the income could be considerable system-wide. Some of the income that produces can go toward expanding bus service or investing in more P&Rs. But this has to be on the table as a means of keeping transit running.

  2. Yeah I’m with you Daniel. Charging for park-and-rides is a great way for keeping spaces available. Some people will decide to carpool or walk to the park-and-ride if you charge a couple of bucks.

  3. Charging would also reduce my largest fear about park-and-rides – that they encourage sprawl. The easier and cheaper it is to get to the exurbs, the more people you’ll see living there. Building free lots is subsidizing sprawl.

  4. Well, will it have excellent bus access? If UP promised to give PT more access, I’d say go for it.

  5. The concern I have charging for parking is that it might discourage transit use. If I knew I had to pay for parking anyway, I might just as well pay for parking nearer to work and drive!

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