Whoa, did you see that Crosscut piece?

If you’ve been reading this blog or gone over to the Mass Transit Now website, you won’t read much you haven’t seen before.  What’s important, though, is who it’s by: Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, Edmonds City Councilwoman Deanna Dawson, and Everett City Councilman Paul Roberts.

These people aren’t the “true believers.”  They’re not in the tank for light rail, as we are.  They’re not part of the Seattle Mafia.  In fact, they were skeptics early in the process and were brought on board only when they were sure that Proposition 1 did what was needed for the region.

Much more useful than more of Mayor Nickels preaching to the converted.   Bravo.

4 Replies to “In Crosscut Today”

  1. Yes, it’s interesting to note that Paul Roberts initially stated he wouldn’t support a vote on ST2 in 2008. He wanted more time, having joined the board only recently, he wanted the opportunity to think through the best plan. He is a very thoughtful and dedicated public servant.

  2. Yet the comments are filled with regular Crosscut no-campaigners. They’ve brought misinformation to the level of art, and I can’t come close to keeping up with fighting bad numbers. It seems like we should have some sort of database of real data, along with backup references, that we can copy and paste from. Often I find myself searching this site for backup info.

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