We focus on transit here, obviously, but I want to introduce you to a few local blogs on a related topic: land use.

First, there’s Streetscape, on the Daily Journel of Commerce’s website. The DJC is Seattle’s third daily newspaper, and focuses mostly on construction and business. Streetscape talkings about how Seattle is changing because of building, and how to preserve the parts of the city we love. It’s a good read.

The second is the Green Building Blog, also on the DJC’s site. This blog is devoted to environmentally-friendly building practices, the economics of green building and how energy use relates to land-use. It’s a good read, but sometimes I wish it’d get more detailed about environmental analysis.

The third is one of my absolute favorite blogs, Huge Ass City. Huge Ass is about urbanization, how to make the street space interesting and what makes a building great. The coverage of transit-oriented development is top-notch, and the bloggers there keep great track of how much development is happening in the city. If you are going read one of these blogs, read this one.

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