Just a reminder that we won’t know for sure if Proposition 1 has passed or not the night of the election for a few reasons. First, the vote counting equipment in King County is pretty slow and outdated. Second, many people mail their ballots just before or on election day, making it impossible to count them until later. The Seattle Times has an article on it in the context of the gubenatorial election:

King County’s 16-year-old ballot-counting equipment will contribute to a slow statewide tally that could leave voters still wondering Tuesday night who the next Washington governor will be.

The Washington Secretary of State’s office is warning people not to draw too many conclusions from Tuesday’s results.

That’s because King County — home to nearly one-third of the state’s registered voters — expects to report only about 39 percent of its results by late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

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    1. The same one where Ron Simms spends $500k to change the origin and logo of King County…

  1. I’m glad that they’re at least admitting it will be slow. Nevertheless, all us TV stations will still be doing all of our FULL election coverage!

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