Prop. 1 is not a perfect package, but it is very good. It strikes an appropriate balance of new express bus service immediately, new Sounder service soon, and a massive expansion of light rail over the next decade and a half. The light rail that would be built will cover most of the region’s population, and what’s more, if passed it will cover an even larger percentage of the new job centers and housing developments that will be built over the coming decades.

But more than a specific package of rail lines and bus service, Prop. 1 is a choice about what sort of region we are going to live in. Will ours be a region where all transportation is limited to those corridors where cars go? Limited to the speed of congestion? And limited by the price and supply of gas? Or will we live in a place where transportation does not necessarily mean traffic, pollution and concrete? In an election where “change” is the operative word for the presidential race, we have a very real chance to change our area for the better in the voting booth tomorrow.

Someone once said “a civilization gets what it wants, is willing to pay for, and ultimately deserves”. I think our region deserves a choice about transportation, and I hope you agree with me and vote yes on Prop. 1.

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  1. It should be pointed out that with the very good (but not 100%) possibility that Obama will win, there’s a very strong chance we could see Earl Blumenauer as Transpo Secretary.

    What this means is ST2.1 stands a good chance of getting funding to build out faster than 15 years, according to a reasonable assessment of his words.

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