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  1. Wohoo! I’ve been away from news for the past 3 hours, and boy did I miss a lot.

    So who’s ready to start talking about ST3?

  2. after all the years of debate, the dithering, the lies; i just have one word to describe my current state.


  3. The results list almost looks just like my ballot. That feels really good for a change.

    I’m trying to find out if California’s high speed train measure is winning, but their results page uses Flash and is completely bogged down.

    Ah, checking a TV station page it’s 51-49 against. But only 15% of the vote’s in, so there’s still hope.

  4. wow …

    what a transformational evening.

    I still cannot believe all that happened tonight … feels like a dream.

  5. Don’t start celebrating too much just yet. The results on the page linked only represent 18% of the vote (source: king5.com). Nothing from Pierce County for some reason, which unlike Snohomish is not getting any light rail as part of the deal, and remember King will be counting its ballots slowly so it’s only a small part of that county as well. Still, based on STB’s earlier analysis, Pierce would have to absolutely trash the measure, or King’s support in the remaining ballots would have to sink to pretty close to Snohomish’s (obviously unlikely), for Prop 1 to fail.

    And no two ways about it: I-985 is getting trounced. With only three counties not reporting, every single county that is is turning against Tim-O’s latest harebrained scheme. That’s with almost half the vote counted.

    1. I’ll raise that to cautiously euphoric. What an evening this has been. And just now NBC has declaired Gregoire the winner as well.

      1. I swallowed a lot of reservations and voted for Gregoire (they are mostly unrelated to this blog so I won’t go into them).

        Notice that the urban and forestry and fisheries (i.e. UNION) counties broke for her with the exception of Cowlitz amd Skamania (tepidly pro-Rossi) and Lewis (what the heck? I don’t think they were that pro-Rossi last time around).

  6. I won’t celebrate yet because I haven’t seen anyone call it yet… but I’m very hopeful that tonight might be the best night in american history in my 26 years of life :)

    1. That happened TODAY! I was so stoked when I saw Seattle had finally been added.

      The election is going splendidly. With Obama in, 985 out, Gregoire looking like she’ll take the governor’s race, all we need is some more poll numbers for Prop. 1. It looks good but I’m not going to celebrate until more precincts report in.

      By the way, did anybody catch the anchors and reporters on KONG discussing Prop. 1 at about 8:30? Talk about negative. Stick to reading the teleprompter, please.

  7. Right, very little of King-and nothing of Pierce-is in yet, so the vote is a long way from over. Having said that, it certianly looks good at this point.

    Looking at the statewide races, it should only get better…Gregoire, Obama both have handy leads without King (which is amazing) and Goldmark is just a few points behind. I don’t understand what is happening with Ladenburg; maybe just not a lot of name recognition outside of Pierce. But let’s give him a chance.

    BTW: Never thought Death With Dignity would pass without King or Pierce. That is amazing…

  8. king5.com: 26% of vote counted. Yes 57%, No 43%. I don’t know where the King votes have come from so far, and Snohomish, according to elections.komonews.com, only has 300 of 714 precincts in.

  9. This is truly a good night. I do like feeling that I am on the “winning” side, and have hope that it will stay this way in the near future.

  10. I wake up with 45 percent of precincts in and numbers still holding at a very positive level. I’m ready to celebrate now!

    It’s amazing. The results almost completely matched my ballot, but most implrtantly Prop. 1, 985, Obama, and Gregoire all went exactly the way they needed to go. I can’t even put into words how excited I am today.

  11. Thank you Seattle Transit Blog for your untiring support and brilliant defense of Prop 1/ST2. It looks like we have a victory for the people of Puget Sound and you have played a very important part in getting out the TRUTH and rallying the voters to pass the measure. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yeah! Thanks to Seattle Transit Blog, my favorite blog now. And thanks to the Sierra Club… in my eyes they have redeemed yourselves, I’m joining!

  13. So far excellent news – the lead continues to hold (and even grow a bit in Pierce based on the latest numbers).

    I may be a scourge to some of you but this was the only vote that I really cared about yesterday. I even skipped to it so that I could mark ‘YES’ on it before all else and called my friends to make certain that they voted in favor of it (also my elderly parents to beg them to vote “No” on I-985).

    1. To the contrary, I have enjoyed your comments. I think now that the election is over a lot more in-fighting is necessary to make sure we deliver the best transit system possible, right?

      Your excitement is awesome to hear!

  14. Yes, a huge thanks to the folks at Seattle Transit Blog for all that you do and all of the good information and facts that you have put out over these past few months. It has most certainly helped.

    What an inspirational night both here at home and across the country!!

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