Currently, Most of the transit measures that was out for rail, buses, etc are passing except for a few.

California High Speed Rail – 50.6% Yes – 49.4% No with 30% reporting in

Sound Transit Prop 1 – King County 61.9% Yes – 38.1% No – Snohomish County 55.4% Yes – 44.5% No. Pierce County 50.82% Yes – 49.18% No.

I-985 – 39.6% Yes – 60.6% No

New Mexico Transit (Including RailRunner) – Winner

Kansas City Light Rail -Defeated

Honolulu Elevated Commuter Rail – 53.0% Yes – 47.0% No

St. Louis Metrolink Tax – 48.0% No – 52.0% Yes

LA MTA Sales Tax – 64.5% Yes – 35.5% No

Sacramento Streetcar – Passing per SF Gate

BART – Passing per SF Gate

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  1. Here are results for transit measures in our northern neighboring counties.

    Skagit County Public Transportation Benefit Area Proposition No. 1
    Completed Precincts: 0 of 94
    Vote Count Percentage
    Yes 15,712 51.4%
    No 14,832 48.6%

    PTBA (Community Transit) ANNEXATION (Maltby, Clearview area)
    43/43 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    APPROVED 3,326 44.51%
    REJECTED 4,146 55.49%
    Total 7,472 100.00%

  2. I hope high speed rail passes. If that gets built, we’ll see a new era of transportation in the united states.

  3. I cannot believe it. I really thought, after losing the monorail and last year’s measure, that this would fail too. So many naysayers. I am so happy it passed… now, is there any way to get it finished sooner? :)

  4. I was born in St. Louis, so I’m sad to see Proposition M fail. I checked out the website and it’s a travesty of support. I never found exactly what would be added by passing Prop M. Coming up 4% short is disheartening after seeing the supporters’ website.

  5. It looks oddly like MetroLink’s Prop M was going to buy… BRT. The measure seems to mostly be a reaction to budget problems, and they’re threatening to remove well over half of their bus service. They claim the cause of the budget problem to be that federal startup funds dried up and their state and cities have cut taxes. I’m not sure why they didn’t plan for start-up fund ending, especially considering 67% of their budget goes to drivers (not really what you’d call a start-up cost).

    My uninformed outsider opinion: “let’s fix our system that’s failing due to too many bus drivers by adding more buses!” didn’t win many hearts and minds. If they have good ridership they should have just asked to tax to make up for the budget. If they don’t, then maybe cutting empty buses isn’t a terrible idea.

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