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  1. This is great, thank you. Now, could someone pls do the same for Snohomish and Pierce Counties? King County may be the center of the known universe, but it ain’t everything

  2. King County may not be the center of the known universe, but they have managed to post by-district data well in advance of the other counties.

    Perhaps you should bug those county election departments instead of us.

  3. Snohomish precinct data is available here.

    The legislative district map for the county is here.

    Maps of precincts within each legislative district are linked from this page.

    I don’t have the artistic skills to make a map, but I put the precinct info in Excel format and figured out the percentages per LD:

    1 Bothell/Brier/Mountlake Terrace 53.86%
    21 Edmonds/Lynnwood/Mountlake Terrace/Mukilteo 57.12%
    32 Edmonds 58.16%
    38 Everett 52.17%
    44 Everett-Mill Creek 50.15%

    The proposition passed in every legislative district that voted on it. Districts 21 and 32 include all Snohomish county precincts in the voting; the other districts have portions that are outside of the Sound Transit district.

    If anyone’s interested, I can e-mail my spreadsheet to the blog. Hopefully someone can make a map with this data–a precinct-level map would be great.

    I had no luck finding anything on the Pierce County site.

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