Taken by yours truly at Broad Street. A shame there was no trolley running, the place was packed!

7 Replies to “Happy New Years!”

  1. That’s a great shot.

    2008 was one of the best years of my life. I hope 2009 is great as well.

    1. Until corporate steel in the US/EU starts working with steel congloms in Asia, we probably won’t see a strong enough industry formed. As it stands, road building and asphalt/concrete still holds court in the states.

      This is a good sign, though.

  2. “A shame there was no trolley running, the place was packed!”

    Yes, truly a shame!

    What a better time for our city to promote mass transit and service our community!
    Even if they only had one or two of the three total trolleys in operation.
    This is what special service is all about!

    Maybe they called off service due to bad weather? Possible issues such as frozen track switches etc…?

    Even though, does this make any since to the commuting public in freezing cold weather on such a grand celebration as New Years Eve?

    What about the Seattle Monorail was it still broken, down or out of service as well?

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