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Overcrowded three-wheeler, Rajasthan, India

8 Replies to “News Round Up: HSR, Viaduct and FTA”

  1. The state House & Senate’s joint transportation committee met Tuesday morning, in conjunction with the ferry sub-group. Anybody know the gist of the discussion?

  2. This is a little off subject, but does anyone know how dificult it would be for all the new parking meter TVM’s to dispense a Seattle Transit ticket, good for x minutes on anything – rail or bus?
    I think everyone is searching for a scheme to simplify fare collection in conjunction with Orca cards. This may lead to all door boarding and alighting throughout Seattle

  3. India might get HSR before the US, but I suspect the US will have HSR before say Somalia.

    Actually with the passage of the California HSR measure I fully expect we’ll see at least one true HSR line in the US in the next 10 years or so.

  4. General note: If you’re ever traveling in Asia I highly recommend traveling by rail. There’s no better way to get to know strangers than be trapped in a box with them for a day. India’s rail was crowded and disorganized but usually on time. China’s rail was well organized and usually on time.

    1. I enjoyed taking rail in india, but boy were those indian air stewardess beautiful.

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