10 Replies to “Rain Storm Link Test”

  1. In the linked Seattle Times article, they say ST will simulate a collision between a car and a train. In this link I’m providing, you’ll actually see a collection of collisions between some trains and cars. The train had a camera mounted on its side. I think this is the Metro system in Houston.

  2. I have an idea for this site. We should have a contest with a prize. The first one here to capture a LINK crash on video wins something. And maybe not even just a getting a crash on video, because that’s going to be a rare occurrence, but even something like getting video of a driver talking on his cell phone while operating the train. Say, a dinner for two somewhere?

      1. If anyone should offer a prize, it should be ST. “Catch our LINK operators talking or texting on their cell phones – win a yearly pass.” Something like that might help to prevent another Metrolink crash that killed 25.

  3. Oh, and before anyone comments that “That kind of crash can’t happen here because freight trains won’t be … etc.” Actually, yes, something like that can happen here.

    1. Against my better judgment I’ll reply to someone who appears to be trolling.

      While it is possible for a car and train to collide along the at-grade sections of Link, I suspect it is far less likely than in Houston. For one Link runs in a separate median and the grade crossings are limited. For another as stupid as some of our drivers are I don’t think they are nearly as dumb as those in Houston. For proof of this look at how relatively few collisions there have been with the SLUT.

      1. I would like to compliment you on your ability to sniff out trolls. This is a bad habit of mine. But, I do like this site, and I do have an interest in transit. I will keep on working on my little problem, but even if I do stop trolling 100%, I’ll never completely agree with many of you, so don’t take my opposing view as me trolling.

      2. Sam,

        You have your idiosyncracies, but you keep us on our toes and give us new ways to think about problems.

        It’s nice to have you here.

  4. I can’t believe all the people in the Youtube video posted by Sam who are saying some variation of “Who looks behind when making a left turn?” Well, since it’s comments on Youtube I can believe it, but anyone who doesn’t look when turning or changing lanes should have their license revoked. Everyone has a moment of inattention, but some people seem to think that inattention is the ideal state while driving. Ironically, they’re the people who are most suited for a form of transportation that doesn’t require paying attention.

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