Just a quick reminder that Metro bus fares are set to increase by a quarter starting next Sunday, February 1st. Peak one-zone trips will now run an even $2.00, while two-zone trips will cost $2.50. Off-peak fare will be $1.75. You can find more information in a flyer that Metro has put together (pdf). This fare increase will be followed by another 25-cent increase in January of next year, in an effort to shore up recent budgetary problems.

Metro’s last fare increase came in March of last year. Prior to that, Metro had not had an increase in fares since 2001.

I also want to mention that even though Metro had a rough December, and had some particularly bad communication issues, I think we’re already beginning to see some improvements. The flyers warning customers about the reduced service on MLK Jr. Day were clear and easy-to-follow, had a cheery reminder to “spread the word,” and even mentioned future holidays to give customers time to prepare. Kudos Metro.

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  1. Well unfortunately they weren’t very clear about it prior to January 10th, the deadline to get my transit order to my employer’s transit/parking benefit program. I’m not looking forward to fumbling with 25 cent ticket books all month.

      1. I’m on the flexpass dealie so I don’t worry about fare increases, but Metro keeps raising fares by 25¢ and not printing 25¢ tickets?

      2. You maybe should worry, as my company is saying we now have to pay more for our flexpasses due to this fare increase. It’s only $1.80 per month more for us though, so not a huge deal.

  2. Hey! Why is there an Alaskan Air ad on this blog? What’s next, an SUV driving across my screen?

  3. I’m not so confident in Metro’s communication. If things were communicated clearly, this following exchange I heard today shouldn’t have happened.

    Passenger: Did you hear Metro’s fares are going up Monday?
    Driver: What? Really?
    Passenger: Yeah, they’re going up by 50 cents. Off-peak fares will be $2
    Driver: They’ll probably leave a note at the base next Monday letting us know the fares have gone up.

    Maybe this was an isolated incident of confusion but really? Really? Fares go up SUNDAY they only go up 25 CENTS and drivers should ALREADY BE AWARE.

    I really hope that was an isolated incident.

  4. It happened yesterday on the 230 as well. Both the drivers (there was a trainee) and several passengers didn’t know about it

  5. The sign on the #2 only tells us about service changes on Nov. 7. What are these service changes? Well, I was too far away to read the sign, but after some searching I found this. Ah, there’s a fare increase for Nov. 1 listed, but the title of the sign I saw was Service Changes for Nov. 7, which will be confusing. Other changes:

    Bike loading will now be allowed downtown, except during peak hours. Bike loading is now allowed in the tunnel.

    Revised bay assignment at Overlake.

    Reduced service on Memorial day and Presidents day.

    So, um, it sounds like the biggest news for the Feb. 7 service bulletin is that you’ve been paying an extra quarter for the last week.

      1. That was odd. I’m used to losing track of the year and sometimes the time, but rarely the month. February. As in Sunday.

  6. I’m using my $63 pass during peak hours in February and thats that. no one told me until today. i’ll start paying the extra in March.

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