9 Replies to “New King County Metro Web Address”

  1. I’m not a fool. Those old transit.metrokc.gov urls have worked up till now, but starting this week, they’ll cease to work

  2. It’s troubling that “Management by Crisis”, requiring “Bailout” solutions seem to be the norm in both government and business these days.
    Whether it be a large bank, car company, or Metro, the pro-active styles of management seem to reside at fewer and fewer progressive organizations.
    It took a melt down of the Metro information web site this winter to shame management to throw some bailout human resourses at the problem.
    Where was the vision for the lone lady in cubicle world charge with keeping the system up to date — not only on a 24-7 basis, but keeping pace with technology.
    A totally impossible task for one person.
    I wonder how new and improved the web site is, or is it just a quick face lift until the next crisis?

    1. This didn’t have anything to do with the snow. It was planned much, much farther in advance.

    2. King County started transitioning to the kingcounty.gov domain in mid-2007. County e-mail addresses were one of the first items to change. Metro was the last of the major sites to make the switch.

      As for the design, they switched to the unified blue county design on October 17, 2008. I can’t say I like it much, it’s bland and not distinctive. There’s too much blue, and too many links but not enough at-a-glance information. The trip planner form should be right on the home page, not a link that sends you to a page that redirects you to another page. Just take a look at the home pages of Community Transit, Washington Metro, BART, etc. They take up about the same screen space but they are more attractive and more useful. I understand the need for accessibility but they could do better than that.

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