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      1. New Mexico’s RailRunner actually paid royalties to Warner Brothers to be able to use the Road Runner’s “Meep, Meep” sound to announce doors closing!

      2. That’s interesting because WB used a single sound clip recorded by one of the producers for every instance of “meep, meep” on the show so they wouldn’t have to pay royalties to a guild voice actor.

        Apparently after they first aired the clip the guild complained and insisted that all future recordings be done by a guild member who would get royalties. WB decided to reuse the already-recorded clip would always be used. Cheap bastards.

      3. Not copyrights as much as fear of litigation. The use of a “meep meep” sound could arguably fall under fair use provisions.

  1. Even Wyle E. knows taking the train beats driving!

    I don’t know about the Portland area, but the Seattle area has coyotes much closer in than you might think. I’ve personally seen one down near Mercer Slough and I’m told they are all over the Delridge Greenbelt.

    1. I live in the Fremont Neighborhood and I have seen coyotes walking down my street twice in the last 20 some years, I love that they are here; to bad for the cats that become their dinner, but that’s natures way.

    1. Guess he was hungry like a wolf…

      That was for us ’80s kids.

      BTW: word is that Senator Murray is planning a second try on the transit amendment to the stimulus…

  2. Agreed. We wouldn’t want lone suburban coyotes to interfere with the urban wolf packs who will soon be riding Link.

    From yesterday’s Seattle P.I. 911 blog:

    “When police arrived in the 9700 block of Rainier Avenue South about 11:45 p.m., officers saw about 50 juveniles – both teenage boys and girls – lingering in the street, knocking over traffic cones.

    Many in the group were recognized by police as members of the 74 Hoover Criminals – a gang linked to several violent Seattle events.”

    Those 50 gang members and associates will soon be swarming Link. God help the lone tourist in a car when they get on.

    1. Oh, and rail fetishists, save your “there will be transit police!” replies, and statistics about how rail is safer than … blah, blah, blah. It was just a coyote/wolf play on words. Lighten up.

      1. If you feel the need to say “lighten up” before anyone responds to your post that should tell you something about who is being uptight. This was a pretty light-hearted comment thread until your comments.

    1. I bet it’s happened more than once. :)

      I wonder how Sleater-Kinney even rode light rail. They’re from Olympia!

    2. i miss sleater-kinney. thanks for mentioning this, i actually scrolled down to comment about the sk connection but you beat me to it.

  3. How did the coyote get the money to buy tokens ? Did the coyotes in Seattle have credit cards ?

  4. I used to see them in the morning when I worked at the airport a few years ago. I saw a momma one carrying what I think was a rabbit with a couple puppies following.

    I’ve also seen them out as far as the western edge of Gresham wandering through the neighborhoods.

    The airport is hardly the far flung suburbs. The airport just happens to be surrounded by wetlands and the river.

  5. danger, only if the train derails, poor thing looks exhausted and malnourished, that’s why humanity needs to stop breeding and give the planet a chance to heal.

    1. Coyotes always look malnourished. It’s just the way they’re shaped.

      He actually looks like he’s in pretty good condition… just terrified out of his mind.

      I want to go up to him and say, ‘It’s okay, little guy, public transportation isn’t scary!’ Or, y’know, something.


  6. That is awesome. I see he has taken up the whole car. Such as what happens on the E Train in New York when a homeless person is resting. On the Long Island Rail Road, they make commuters remove the feet and bags from the seats. I’d love to see a LIRR conductor take care of this coyote matter.

  7. > I hate Them they kill helpless creatures!!!!

    So, Sara, do you eat meat?

    Wear leather?


  8. This reminds me of the instance when a pigeon took a ride on one of the el cars in Chicago. Anyway, back to coyotes, they’re not really just a suburban dweller. We’ve got coyote sightings downtown, one walked into a quizno’s in the loop I think last summer and sat down in one of the coolers.

  9. Better yet, a couple of years ago a coyote wandered into a convenience store across from my work, in Chicago near Adams and Wabash (in the Loop, a block from the Art Institute), and climbed in the cooler to cool off. It made the TV, but unfortunately I missed it.

  10. I’m just wondering how they will get the poor thing off, lol. Found this looking for coyote pics when the kids heard them howling outside and wanted to know what they look like. What a cutie!

  11. Well,

    Just another reason why gun laws should be relaxed a bit more.

    That Coyote could be keeping someone warm this winter, as either a coat, gloves, or a hat.

    In any case, either the people go or the Coyotes.

    I vote Coyotes, because coyotes can’t vote.

    In Light Rail etiquette Who gets the seat if it is last one, Coyote or a Pregnant woman?

    Ok, what if the Coyote is pregnant?

    BTW – Unless this occurred again, I believe that photo was from several years ago.

  12. Coyotes should be admired. They have adapted to the complete invasion and destruction of their habitat wonderfully. They make great pets when crossed with dogs. In nature (no humans), they are day hunters but have also adapted to night time hunting. I believe that lap dogs and cats are on the menu. I see them all the time hiking in the desert. They don’t mess with my two 70 lb. dogs. Live and let live!

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