Photo by the author in the STB Flickr Pool
Photo by the Martin in the STB Flickr Pool

The PI Police Blog has the scoop that a bus driver on the 42 route has been selling drugs on the bus for the last few weeks. The good news is that the 42 bus is being abolished when Light Rail opens, and the Link cars have cameras and locking doors between the drivers and the passengers, so no drugs will pass back and forth.

H/T to Gordon Werner.

12 Replies to “42 Driver Arrested for Selling Drugs On the Bus”

  1. Will there be another route that has regular and frequent service down MLK? Link stations are a mile apart, so many Link riders will have to catch a bus to get to the stop they want. Will the 48 still be going all the way to Henderson? Is the 8 going to be extended?

    1. In the proposed service change mailer I received last month, the plan was to extend the 8 to Rainier Beach and shorten the 48 to end at the Mt. Baker Staton Bus Transfer Area.

    1. I doubt the ATU will be able to save this guys job. No excuse for dealing drugs on company, or in this case, government, property.

      1. As a former ATU member, I can tell you the membership won’t go near this one for good reason — we hate drug dealers just as much as you do. Nuff Said.

  2. You never know with Metro and the ATU. How many times did Sandy Olosky mess up before she was finally let go?

    Remember the Metro driver who turned left in Fremont and ran over two women in a crosswalk, killing one of them? He kept his job.

    All it takes is one technicality for him to get his job back.

    Does anyone know his name yet? If you have it, you can look up here what he made per year. This is a list of all King County employees, and their salaries.

  3. Never assume LINK drivers won’t be partaking in the stuff. I once told a MAX driver that he had the wrong destination sign up (this is when the trains only ran Portland to Gresham) and as he opened his cab door on the BN/Bombardier train, a puff of a sweet smelling smoke wafted out into the passenger area!

    1. As one of the 15 Link operators trained so far, I can tell you that there is a sliding window in the operator door. But don’t expect us to have time doing things like that, with 20 second dwell times at stations AND no cell phones usage, food or drink, or newspapers in the cab. Also all LRVs have cameras in the passenger area.

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