Unlike the state legislature, which decided which projects to fund behind closed doors, the PSRC (explanation of who that is here) wants you to have a chance to comment on the projects that will get stimulus money. Here’s the comment form. The comment form also has a map of the highway projects – but not the transit projects – that the PSRC would give stimulus money to. Here’s the list of highway projects for the $78 million the PSRC will spend on them, and here’s the list of FTA projects for the $138 million the PSRC gets there.

9 Replies to “PSRC Wants Public Comment on Stimulus Funds”

  1. Note that the transit (FTA/TOC) projects haven’t been winnowed down, whereas it looks like the highway projects have been.

  2. The Slut gets $250K? When they don’t even make people pay the fare? Gee, no one gets to ever get on the crowded buses in the poor part of town without forking it over.

    1. The SLUT hasn’t gotten any money, that’s the short list of projects, there’s about 2.5x as many dollars on the list as there are in reality.

      1. I am curious though about some of the transit projects. Some of those are obvious, i.e. King Street Station renovation, acquistion of buses, but some (and I am specifically mentioning the SLU Streetcar) seem very vague. Does anyone know if there is a further explanation of the projects?

      2. 250K is suspiciously similar to the cost of an assitional trolley. An additional trolleys would let them run one every 10 minutes, which may be important once Amazon is in SLU.

    2. Actually people get on the bus all the time without paying the fare – for a given value of “all the time”. But c’mon – Metro’s drivers are told not to make a big deal out of folks not paying the fare, and on crowded routes in particular it’s a lot easier to slip through.

  3. I urged the PSRC to fund Mercer Street and King Street Station – both pet projects of mine. I even wrote to my three representatives in the State legislature on the subject. I also urged them to fund Tacoma to Lakewood and then on to Nisqually (the Point Defiance loop) as far as rail is concerned. I realize that this latter ‘request’ probably comes out of a different pot of money (if there is one) but I like to push these things to whoever might have an ear to listen.

    The Mercer Street mess has been on the Mayor’s agenda for years now and it is really about time we moved forward on this – there will be Amazon.com’s HQ in South Lake Union next year as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and completed South Lake Union Park. These will be in addition to the University of Washington’s medical campus. The least we can do as a community, is to try and spruce up the Mercer corridor to make it inviting for the many who will eventually be working and relaxing in the area. Oh, and the Space Needle is also at one end of Mercer so let’s move on this one – it is shovel ready, the Mayor believes in it and most of the rest of us do too.

    Same with the King Street Station renovation – again a project that I believe was first promulgated in 1999 and could have been completed years ago if it weren’t for Eyman’s 695.


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