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  1. Just add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL to automatically access the high quality version. Doesn’t seem to help much on this one–garbage in, garbage out.

    1. What exactly are you asking? Where else would joint operation in a narrow transit corridor occur on the line?

      1. Well busway has both light rail track and bus lanes. The ROW is wide enough they don’t need to share the exact same path though.

        The D-2 roadway from roughly Rainier ave to the South end of the tunnel/Airport Way may have joint operation as well. Likely the buses won’t continue into the tunnel though as there will probably be enough trains to make that impractical.

    1. Why? Do you know of anything that will push the opening out by several weeks?

      I’m guessing mid-July and only because the City asks ST not to have their opening on the 4th of July weekend.

  2. The trains will start to run in the tunnel May 1. However they will not board passengers until July 3 or 9th(TBD). They need to run empty for a while to “break them in”. Also starting I think May 30th the tunnel hours will be M-S 5am-1am and Sunday 6am-12am so no more passenger confusion about if the tunnel is open or not.

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