King County Metro Transit
Photo by flyer_e901

On March 31st, Metro’s 3 billionth rider will board. King County wants photos of you riding the bus for their flickr pool, and you can email the photos to king county, and you can see the already submitted items here (while you’re at it, feel free to add the photos to our flickr pool as well). Metro was formed in 1973 by combining Seattle Transit (which served the city) and the Metropolitan Transit Corporation, which served the suburbs.

3 billion riders in 36 years is quite a lot, from King County’s press release:

Using information published by the Washington State Department of Transportation, 3 billion is the number of all vehicles that have traveled on Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle for the past 30 years.

They also have a slightly weird carbon footprint game thingy in celebration of the event.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out the carbon footprint thingy on Metro’s website. Other than picking a shoe to represent you is there anything else to it? I thought it was going to ask me questions and do something interesting like calculate my carbon footprint with and without taking transit. But all I see it doing it allowing you to place a stamp on the page with your initials next to it.

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