Ticket Vending Machine in Westlake Station
Ticket Vending Machine, Westlake Center

Apparently, they have installed TVM’s at Westlake Station (I’m still in Japan so I cannot verify). Here’s photographic proof, via Brian Bundridge. The photo was taken with a cellphone, so apologies for the poor quality. Are you excited yet?

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  1. If I am not mistaken, those look like SOUNDER TVMs. I was expecting that, as a way of saving money on maintenance. Good to see that.

    1. Yeah they are exactly the same as sounder TVMs. The one I played with even spit out a sounder ticket, but with Tukwila International as the destination.

  2. Hell yes I’m excited! I would go and check them out, but the tunnel isn’t open on weekends… yet! I also can’t wait for that.

  3. Gonna check them out first thing in the morning!

    I believe this is near the Metro Customer Stop right?

    1. Yeah I guess it does.

      It is going to destroy the old way of thinking about Seattle, however.

  4. Yep, the opening of Link will change the old way of thinking about transportation in Seattle – it’s going to be a real game changer. It’s a good thing, and the way forward for transit supporters will only get easier. I look forward to it.

  5. These particular TVM’s are located by the 5th and Pike tunnel entrance. Head to the Southbound/Eastbound stairway.

      1. The 3rd is still official, but the grapevine is saying it’ll be a week or two late.

      2. I’d love to see them hit their target date just to rub some egg in the face of all the naysayers.

      3. We won’t hit July 3rd. Sad too because that’s the start of the 4th weekend and theoretically it’ll be nice so people might want to check it out. But there are too many problems in Beacon Hill Station. Most of them revolve around the systems in the station itself (fire, CCTV, power, etc). Expect mid to late July.

      4. Why can’t Link open as scheduled on the 3rd and just not stop at Beacon Hill until that station is done? Why hold up the rest of the system?

      5. I would imagine that they are required to have a working fire suppression system in any tunnel that transports the public. If a LRV got stuck down there and/or caught fire … there would be many deaths.

      6. I suspect running trains through the tunnel may interfere with finishing the installation and testing of the systems. I also believe the tunnels are being used to move equipment and material in and out.

      7. So long as it is open in time to see the glorious BLUE ANGELS fly over the Emerald City.


  6. Wow, v cool. Does anyone have an idea how many TVM’s we are likely to see at each station in the DTSTT? Will two be the max per station?

    1. I counted 8 at Westlake: 2 where Brian took the photo, 2 on the opposite side (Northbound platform entrance), 2 on the eastside of the 3rd and Pine entrance near the Customer Stop, and 2 by the Macy’s display on the northside. There are 4 at University Street: 2 on the north and 2 on the south mezzanine. None have been installed at Pioneer Square Station (likely 4). None have been installed at International District Station although there is one TVM for Sounder located inside Union Station. There seems to be space for only 2 TVMs at IDS on the north end near Jackson and none on the south plaza.

      None of them are operational, yet.

      I uploaded pictures to the Flickr pool.

  7. Guess I’m going to have to find time to cross the lake and figure them out. Family visiting and since I’m so used to flashing my Microsoft ID…

    I also ask if July 3rd is the opening since my family is visiting from the east (Virginia) and I’m trying to get them here for Link opening

    1. Ben, your secret is safe with me. You didn’t email me. You didn’t tell me anything

  8. Seems to me that the ticket machines should be on the actual platforms, not only upstairs at the tunnel entrance. Lots of people will go all the way down to the platform without realizing they needed to get a ticket on their way down. I think the fact that trains are not free in the tunnel while busses are will only add to this confusion.

    1. Free trains in the tunnel: amen! Believe me, it’s been debated on this blog

      ST: say all you want, it will confuse people. Just for the heck, my in-tunnel trips might be by bus even with my pass

      1. Just to add to the fun I’m sure fare enforcement in the tunnel will prove to be difficult.

      2. I can hear the argument now
        “But I thought this was the Ride Free Area. Signs say everythings free 6 AM to 7 PM every day!”

      3. With the crowding and all the people getting on and off it will be easy to evade the fare inspectors too.

    2. I have concerns about crowding on the platforms during the peak hours if TVMs are on the platform. For stations with high volumes, keep the TVMs on the mezzanine or entrance area. Don’t have ticket lines obstructing the circulation of boarding and alighting passengers.

    3. Trains have never been free within the RFA. 99 Waterfront streetcar wasn’t; SLUT isn’t (you can’t pay when you leave); neither will Link be. OK?

  9. Can the TVM’s be used to buy bus tickets too? Buy a ticket in the tunnel, travel outside the free ride area, flash the ticket as one gets off. BAM, faster unload times! That would be the smart thing to do.

    1. I wish that Metro would install TVMs (like the SLUT has) all over their system at major stops … would definitely help with loading/unloading

    2. The TVMs have bus icons on them, so don’t know why they wouldn’t. But I’ve never used them so I don’t know.

      1. Pay cash if you are afraid of ORCA then. But use the cash that doesn’t have the tracking devices sewn into them yet.

        Actually be sure to use coins only since they are from the U.S. Mint and the U.S. Constitution says nothing abut the issuance of paper money or a national bank.

        Denver Mint-produced coins only; there is gold in the basement of the Denver Mint to back that coinage, none in Philadelphia.

      2. Best to use pre-1965 90% silver US coins. After all how do we know that gold is actually in the Denver Mint?

  10. Now that the TVMs are there, where are the ORCA card dispensers? Are they going come out the same machine or are they going to have a separate machine? The ORCA readers haven’t been installed yet.

    1. Are they planning on having dispensers, or just having everyone buy from the customer service center? And will people be able to put their ORCA card in the little pocket for ORCA on the TVM and get a ticket, or will it just register that they’ve paid? I’ve always had that problem because on the one hand I want a SLUT ticket, but on the other hand I have a bus pass.
      On a related note, I saw the ORCA readers are being installed on the platform at Tacoma Dome (Sounder) Station

      1. I wish I could have taken in in 1972, which is when the first line built by Forward Thrust might have opened.

        (Fortunately I have ridden Seattle’s subway…IN ATLANTA!!!)

        BUT NOOOOOOO! This is Seattle!!! Where the process is the PRODUCT!!

        Say, Have they formed a committee to discuss the consequences and impacts on the feelings of the environment of opening LINK up in July yet??

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