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Photo by Oran

Sound Transit’s New Flyer Diesel-Electric hybrid coaches are 60 feet long. Many buses in Metro’s fleet are the same model, and the pure diesel buses are 60.7 feet long.

Sound Transit is going to use cash to pay for 60% of the construction in ST2, with only 40% of the construction bond-funded. Keeping a low bond ratio helps Sound Transit preserve a high credit rating.

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  1. I took the lunch bus tour two weeks ago and they took us to this fish & chips/teriyaki place just down the road in that picture. Although I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on Link, it’s still fun to see the whole thing with commentary to put the scale of the project in perspective. I learned some things, like how deep the piles for the O&M base were and the story behind the artwork. At the end of the tour we all got a Link light rail pin.

    The next lunch bus is Friday, May 28. Go support the local businesses and enjoy the tour. Just getting the pin is worth it!

    Also, I never knew South Base had it’s own on-ramp to SR 599. I caught a glimpse of the newest 60-ft hybrids and the RapidRide coach, too.

  2. I’d agree with Oran – the Lunch Bus is a good PR effort by ST, plus you learn a lot and get a good meal for about US$10. I went about a year ago and took a ton of photos; will go back and re-trace my steps once Link has started up so I have before and after pix. Take the ride while you ahve the chance – there won’t be much to see on ULink!

  3. That’s too (from a users standpoint) about the decision on bonding. I wish they would use bonds to expedite the construction schedule. I am under the assumption that tax revenues is the critical path to construction and not maximized construction speed…

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